Ten myths about smoking that will not die

Across 40 years I’ve come to recognise many factoid-driven myths about smoking that just won’t die. If I asked for a dollar each time I had to refute these statements, I’d have accumulated a small fortune. ... read more >>

Tobacco price rises help Imperial Brands

Tobacco group Imperial Brands blamed disruption in Iraq and Syria for a drop in the amount of tobacco it sold in the final three months of 2015. ... read more >>

Japan Tobacco Demonstrates Great Results

Japan Tobacco increased probably the most in a year in Tokyo trading after raising its year-end dividend and net revenue outlook, stating it sees carried on revenue increase in the mid-to-long term. ... read more >>

Tobacco giants launch UK plain packaging challenge

Four of the world’s largest tobacco companies will on Thursday mount a court challenge over UK government plans to introduce plain packaging for cigarettes. ... read more >>

Sitting for long periods linked to an increased risk of heart disease

Sitting for long periods of time is just as dangerous for your health as smoking, according to researchers at Queen’s University Belfast. ... read more >>

JTI turns to Freshfields in latest tobacco challenge to plain cigarette packaging

The latest firm to win work challenging the UK government’s decision to introduce plain cigarette packaging, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer’s Tom Snelling has launched High Court litigation on behalf of Japan Tobacco International, the maker of Camel, Benson & Hedges and Silk Cut. ... read more >>

UK Passes Law to Require Plain Cigarette Packaging in England

The UK’s House of Lords has approved a bill to standardise cigarette packaging in England from May 2016, making it the third and most populous country to introduce such a law. However, tobacco companies vowed to fight the law, saying they would take legal action against the government. ... read more >>

How smoking damages the BRAIN

Smokers have a thinner outer brain layer than non-smokers, scientists have discovered. ... read more >>

The WHO’s secret tobacco tax

Moscow — After booting the public from its meetings on Monday, the World Health Organization’s (WHO) tobacco control convention ramped up its assault on transparency on Tuesday when the press was also banned from the Moscow conference. ... read more >>

Vaping, smoking now the same under Wilmette regulations

Wilmette joined a growing number of communities this week when it banned the sale of electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, to teens under the age of 18, and prohibited people from using the devices anywhere in the village that traditional cigarettes are banned. ... read more >>

Is smoking increasing in Australia?

The front page of the Australian claims Labor’s plain packaging laws have failed, as industry research shows a small increase in tobacco sales volume between 2012 and 2013. So, do the figures back up the Australian’s claim? Firstly, it’s worth examining the industry data presented in the Australian’s article. The key number they rely on is an increase in tobacco sales from 21.015bn in 2012 to 21.074bn in 2013*. Labor’s plain packaging laws were fully implemented in December 2012. ... read more >>