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Unauthorised tobacco farms galore in state, AP

BANGALORE: Even as efforts are on to curtail tobacco consumption, the government has not managed to stop farmers from choosing this as a lucrative crop option. There are as many as 40,000 unauthorised tobacco farmers in the state who do not have a licence from the tobacco board. Manju Pillai, director of auctions, tobacco board on Wednesday said that the agency was earning around Rs 30 crore annually only as penalty from unauthorised tobacco growers in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. “They are not encouraging these farmers to take up other crops like ginger or turmeric,” she said. ... read more >>

Karnataka tobacco growers seek parity with AP farmers on output quota

Bangalore: Karnataka tobacco growers have sought ‘kg per barn’ parity in quota with Andhra Pradesh growers. The Federation of Karnataka Tobacco Growers Association submitted a memorandum to this effect to Mr Bykere Nagesh, special representative of Karnataka Government at New Delhi, who is touring the tobacco growing regions in the State. ... read more >>

Tobacco Farmers Urged to Insure Their Crop

TOBACCO farmers must insure their crop to guard against hazards which might affect their golden leaf in the event of mishaps. The call follows incidents during the Easter holidays in which tobacco awaiting delivery at the auction floors was drenched by rains while waiting for the reopening of the floors. Experts said that such instances would result in a drop in the value of the crop at the auction. ... read more >>

Tobacco Rakes in U.S.$220 Million

EXPORTS of processed flue-cured tobacco have so far raked in US$219,7 million since the beginning of the year as China remained the biggest buyer of the country’s golden leaf. The money was raised from the sale of 18,8 million kg sold at an average price of US$5,24. Normally, tobacco bought in any particular year is sent for processing, which, in some cases, includes the stripping off of the stem from the leaf or any other condition that may be prescribed by the buyers. ... read more >>

Burley tobacco acreage may slump to record low

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) — For the first time in a half century, Chapel Mastin won’t put out any burley tobacco plants on his northern Kentucky farm this spring, calling it quits after last year’s crop reaped no profit but plenty of frustrations. The company that signed up Mastin to deliver 20,000 pounds of burley accepted only a fourth of his drought-stressed 2010 crop. He found buyers for the rest of his tobacco, but some fetched a paltry 59 cents to 70 cents a pound — far below the expense of raising it. ... read more >>

Uncertainty over tobacco auctions continues

GUNTUR: An air of uncertainty hangs over the tobacco auctions. The auctions have been stalled for six days and the efforts of the Tobacco Board to reconcile farmers and traders have not yielded the desired result. ... read more >>

Stalemate over tobacco auctions continues

Stalemate in tobacco auctions is likely to continue for some more days with the farmers refusing to offer stocks till they get a remunerative price. Tobacco board chairman Kamalavardhan Rao made a vain bid to pacify the farmers by asking them to take part in the auctions. The farmers representatives fumed at the board officials for making unilateral announcement on resumption of auctions from April 6 without consulting them. The auctions have been stalled for the last seven days with both the farmers and traders refusing to yield any ground. ... read more >>

Tobacco Growers Want Borders Opened

Tobacco growers in the south out of desperation have asked government to open up the boarders for them to start selling their tobacco outside Malawi because they are fed up with the experiences in the local market. Some of the growers found at Limbe Auction floors told ZBS that in neighboring countries like Mozambique, buyers offer better prices unlike the 55 cents that buyers in Malawi are offering per kilogram. ... read more >>

Zimbabwe early Tobacco sales gross US$12m

Zimbabwe has earned US$12,01 million from the sale of 4,1 million kilogrammes of tobacco since the opening of the marketing season on February 16, the Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board said yesterday. TIMB said the crop had been sold at an average price of US$2,90 per kilogramme. The price is down from last year’s average. ... read more >>

Tobacco farmers block shipments from plant over outstanding payments

Half a dozen disgruntled tobacco farmers blocked shipments from leaving a Tillsonburg processing plant Thursday, demanding they get paid $6.6 million before they allow it to leave. Despite the word of True Blend tobacco company co-owner Grant Sanders, who claims the farmers are being paid, four farmers sitting in trucks outside the Highway 3 plant claim they haven’t received a cent since Sept. 23, 2010. ... read more >>

New farmers dominate Zimbabwes tobacco sales

HARARE, Zimbabwe – Zimbabwe’s tobacco-selling season opened on Wednesday with beneficiaries of President Robert Mugabe’s land reform programme forming the majority of those who brought their bundles to the market. Agriculture Minister Joseph Made said the farmers who cultivate small plots were expected to deliver the bulk of the crop, saying it was vindication of a programme which saw thousands of white-owned farms expropriated. ... read more >>