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JTI turns to Freshfields in latest tobacco challenge to plain cigarette packaging

The latest firm to win work challenging the UK government’s decision to introduce plain cigarette packaging, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer’s Tom Snelling has launched High Court litigation on behalf of Japan Tobacco International, the maker of Camel, Benson & Hedges and Silk Cut. ... read more >>

Australia sharing anti-smoking experience

With its tough plain packaging laws, Australia has been touted as a world leader in the fight against smoking. ... read more >>

Stop Smoking to Reduce Risk of Pneumonia in HIV+

HIV-positive smokers are at high risk of contracting bacterial pneumonia – a common and serious lung infection in people living with HIV – compared to their non-smoking counterparts. ... read more >>

Anti-smoking campaign by the CDC – did it help?

Did an aggressive anti-smoking campaign conducted earlier this year influence people to give up smoking? There’s a good chance the $54-million campaign by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention did have an effect, an article in the Annals of Internal Medicine reports. ... read more >>

Grass Valley extends smoking ban in downtown area

Law enforcement matters took center stage at Tuesday’s Grass Valley City Council meeting as the municipality voted to expand its ban smoking on smoking downtown as well as voting to support abolishing the police department’s dispatch center to join a regional county dispatch center. ... read more >>

One More Indian State Bans Processed Tobacco Products

Indian state Maharashtra, one of the highest tobacco consuming regions in the country, has imposed blanket ban on the sale and consumption of gutkha and pan masala for one year. ... read more >>

Ex-Smokers Have Greater Willpower

Study results published in NeuroImage comparing the brain activity of former smokers to current smokers reveals differences that might offer insight into how to make a success of smoking cessation. Using functional MRI imaging, researchers from Trinity College and the Research Institute for a Tobacco Free Society, Dublin, Ireland found that former and never smokers who were asked to perform tasks that measured cognitive skills deemed important to successful smoking cessation used different parts of their brains as compared to current smokers. ... read more >>

Tobacco, alcohol, fat have huge health impact

A large percentage of NCDs could be prevented by reductions in their four main behavioral risk factors — tobacco use, physical inactivity, alcohol and unhealthy diets, the WHO said. Here are some details about those risk factors and the toll they exact on human health: ... read more >>

FDA: e-cigarettes to face same regulations as tobacco products

WINSTON-SALEM (MCT) — Electronic cigarettes will be regulated as tobacco products, and not drug-delivery devices, the Food and Drug Administration said Monday. The agency’s decision was a signal that it would not appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court last year’s decision by a federal appeals court. The FDA had wanted the ability to treat electronic cigarettes as drug-delivery devices — thus subject to stricter regulations — because e-cigarettes heat nicotine extracted from tobacco. But it lost the case. ... read more >>

Putnam County Tobacco Prevention and Cessation gets new coordinator

The cause to reduce tobacco use among Hoosiers in Putnam County is alive and well, thanks to the Putnam County Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Coalition. Through the combined efforts of the Coalition and Putnam County Hospital, Chris Shuck was recently hired as the new program coordinator. “We are very excited to have Chris be a part of the team,” said Dennis Weatherford, CEO of Putnam County Hospital. “It’s great to know that the program will be able to continue with effective leadership. Chris brings a lot of qualities to the table that will be important as we work toward the goal of improving the overall health of the residents in the county. ” ... read more >>

School helps pupils kick smoking habit

Nicotine-addicted pupils at Mana College in Porirua can now get patches, gum and lozenges from the school nurse to help them kick the smoking habit. The school nurse has been registered as a Quit Group provider, a programme funded by the Health Ministry, which means she can provide cigarette substitutes to pupils, if they pass an assessment, as well as other coaching. ... read more >>