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Smoking news copter emergency lands in Hollywood

LOS ANGELES — A Southern California news helicopter with a smoking engine had to make an emergency landing in an empty parking lot in Hollywood. ... read more >>

A Smoking Ban Too Far

NEW YORK CITY’S ban on smoking in its parks and on its beaches won’t go into effect until May 23, but notices about the rule are already appearing on benches and lampposts around town. The City Council passed the ban on the principle that a nonsmoker shouldn’t have to inhale even a tiny amount of secondhand smoke, whether in a bar or a Central Park meadow. But while there is a strong public-health case for banning smoking indoors, the case for banning it outdoors is much weaker — particularly when it runs the risk of a backlash that could undermine the basic goals of the antismoking movement. ... read more >>

Parent intervention stops kids from smoking

Adolescents are less likely to start smoking if they feel connected to their parents, face consequences for lighting up. Parents shouldn’t let up when it comes to discouraging their kids from smoking. That’s the message of a study which was presented Monday, May 2, at the Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS) annual meeting in Denver. ... read more >>

Tax rise sees smoking rates among Hong Kong students fall by half

Hong Kong – Smoking among Hong Kong secondary school students has plunged by more than 50 per cent after a sharp rise in tax on cigarettes, according to a study released Thursday. The proportion of 11 to 16-year-olds who smoke has fallen from 6.9 per cent to 3.4 per cent since tax on tobacco was put up in 2009, the University of Hong Kong study found. ... read more >>

New details on Tobacco Road Elementary teacher under investigation

HEPHZIBAH, Ga.—News 12 has new information about the Richmond County School System’s investigation into possible bad behavior by teacher Kayrie Cargill, formerly Washington. Within the last week, the school board found a resignation letter from Cargill. It had been submitted back in February. Cargill was a 4th grade teacher at Tobacco Road Elementary School, known then as Mrs. Washington. She is now on paid administrative leave after several investigations into the alleged mistreatment of students in her classroom. ... read more >>

Yankton’s Parks Are Tobacco-Free

The City of Yankton and the Yankton Tobacco Education Coalition reminds all citizens that the Yankton Parks are tobacco-free. In 2006, the Yankton Tobacco Education Coalition asked the City Commission to support a tobacco-free parks policy. The commission unanimously voted in favor of this policy. ... read more >>

Montville bans tobacco in public parks

Montville, Conn (WTNH) – In the very near future there will be no lighting-up or even using chewing tobacco in Montville’s public parks. The director of the Uncas Health District said he’s heard from parents, who’ve told him they’ve seen people smoking on the sidelines of their kid’s game, and they wanted to say something, but were afraid to speak up. He says this ordinance allows them to say ‘hey I don’t mind the smoke, but I just want to warn you it’s not allowed here at this park.’ ... read more >>

Teenage smoking is on the rise

DESPITE the mountains of information warning us of the dangers of smoking, young Australians are lighting up in droves. They’re not old enough to legally buy a pack of cigarettes but almost 60,000 Australian children aged 15-17 are regular smokers. Although smoking rates have declined over recent decades, young people were the most likely to have increased the amount they smoked in the past year, a new report by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has found. ... read more >>

Faculty Senate to consider campus tobacco ban in Thursday session

Life for smokers in high-tax Massachusetts could become a bit more complicated Thursday if the University of Massachusetts Faculty Senate ratifies a proposal to ban tobacco use on campus at its Thursday meeting. The Senate will vote on “A Tobacco-Free UMass Amherst” at its Thursday meeting, which will be held at 4 p.m. in Herter Hall room 227. The proposal has already been approved by the campus Health Council and by the Campus Leadership Council. ... read more >>

Dems threaten procedural delays to get hearings on bills

House Democrats held a press conference this afternoon to call for hearings on two pieces of legislation that majority Republicans so far haven’t agreed to hear: A $1.25 per pack increase in the cigarette tax, and a measure calling for an advisory vote on state schools Supt. Tom Luna’s school-reform legislation. The minority leaders said until they get hearings on the bills, they’ll use any means available to them to slow down the legislative process in protest. “If we need to add a few more days to the legislative session, then so be it,” said Rep. Brian Cronin, D-Boise. ... read more >>

Partial ban on smokes outlined

WORCESTER — A move is in the works to have the city join a handful of communities statewide in banning the sale of cigarettes and other tobacco products by local health care providers, including chain pharmacies and other drugstores, and institutions of higher education. At the request of the City Council, City Manager Michael V. O’Brien is recommending amendments to the city’s tobacco control ordinance to implement such a ban, as well as regulate the advertising of tobacco products within the city. ... read more >>