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Sanjay Dutt to stop endorsing tobacco products

Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt has decided against endorsing gutka brands and tobacco products, saying he realised that young and impressionable minds can be influenced adversely through these brand promotions. Sources close to the actor said Dutt had read newspaper reports about doctors asking him to stop endorsing gutka products in a letter. “He had not received any such letter. But, he made up his mind to do so. He will not renew his contract with the gutka brand,” they said. ... read more >>

Local Landlords Urged to Make Apartments Tobacco Free

The Broome County Health Department wants more buildings to go tobacco free. It’s encouraging landlords and tenants to move toward tobacco free apartment buildings. A move they say will keep both tenants and landlords safe. They helped them realize that going smoke free isn’t just a health issue but also a safety concern. ... read more >>

Past Errors to Blame for Russia’s Peat Fires

For two weeks, soldiers with chain saws felled every tree in sight. Firefighters laid down a pipe to a nearby lake and pumped 100 gallons of water every minute, around the clock, until the surface of what is known as Fire No. 3 was a muddy expanse of charred stumps. And still the fire burned on. ... read more >>

Death by fire in the gulf

The open ocean, 12 miles from ground zero of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, the gulf is hovering between life and death. The large strands of sargassum seaweed atop the ocean are normally noisy with birds and thick with crustaceans, small fish and sea turtles. But now this is a silent panorama, heavy with the smell of oil. ... read more >>

Moment teenager dangled baby girl out of a fifth-floor window as fire and smoke engulfed their apartment

This is the horrific moment a baby girl was dangled out of a fifth-floor window by a teenage relative as they were trapped by fire. Terrified Vanessa Scott, 18, thought holding her 7-month-old cousin Zaniwah Alexandra out of the window would help her get air to breath. Neighbours in New York’s Bronx looked on in terror as the tot swung in the air – and the teenager screamed: ‘Please catch my baby! I don’t want to die!’ ... read more >>

Transformer Explodes, Blasting Fire Into the Air

A transformer beneath a sidewalk exploded in a roar of flames and smoke on Thursday, charring the light stone face of an office building and showering debris over a half-block stretch of Avenue of the Americas. The authorities said that no one was injured. The blast erupted shortly before 11:30 a.m. in front of an electronics store at 641 Avenue of the Americas, an eight-story building between 19th and 20th Streets in Chelsea. Witnesses reported that they had smelled smoke for a couple of hours — and that for at least half an hour before the rumbling explosion shook the building, flames had danced along the sidewalk. ... read more >>

Fire-safe cigarette delay ‘costing lives’

Anti-smoking campaigners say lives will be lost because of a delay in bringing in new self-extinguishing cigarettes.
So-called fire-safe cigarettes burn out quickly when dropped, meaning they are less likely to cause fires in the home. They were due to be introduced across the EU later this year, but work on developing an EU standard is running at least six months behind schedule. ... read more >>

Mother dies despite daughter’s attempts to save her in second fatal Brooklyn fire in three days

A beloved Brooklyn mom died in a smoky blaze Monday despite her daughter’s desperate attempt to save her. Flames and dense smoke closed in on Sandra Lubin’s fifth-floor apartment in the Bayview Houses in Canarsie just after 6 a.m. Her daughter, Jessica, frantically tried to reach her mom. ... read more >>

Young man gets five years in death of Hudson’s Bay High teacher

Gordon Patterson was the kind of teacher who made the bashful freshman feel special, the kind who pushed valedictorians to excel, the kind who wanted the best for every student — and Antonio Eugene Cellestine knew that as well as anybody. On Friday, Cellestine, 18, sat in a courtroom dressed in an orange jail jumpsuit, describing his remorse at having killed Patterson, the popular Hudson’s Bay High School technology teacher, and telling the packed courtroom that he got distracted while texting on his cell phone. ... read more >>

Cigarette suspicion as man survives sleepout inferno

A Kaikohe man is lucky to be alive after a blaze gutted his sleepout. The Kaikohe Fire Brigade was called out just before 2am on Friday, to Tawa St, off Purdy St, where a young man had been asleep in a sleepout attached to a garage when the fire broke out. Senior firefighter Douglas Hall said the garage was well ablaze when the brigade arrived. ... read more >>

Fire-safe cigarette law goes into effect

A new law that went into effect Jan. 1 mandates that only “fire-safe” cigarettes — marked as FSC for “fire standard compliant” — can be sold in Texas. Fire-safe cigarettes are designed to go out when they are not being actively smoked, reducing the risk of an accidental fire. Lawmakers passed a bill in 2007 requiring that all cigarettes sold in Texas be fire-standard compliant by Jan. 1, 2010, and Gov. Rick Perry signed it into law. Texas is one of 49 states where FSC mandates for cigarettes are in effect or pending. The Texas Department of Insurance is responsible for inspecting, certifying and enforcing the law. ... read more >>