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‘How Bad For The Environment Can Throwing Away One Plastic Bottle Be?’ 30 Million People Wonder

Wishing to dispose of the empty plastic container, and failing to spot a recycling bin nearby, an estimated 30 million Americans asked themselves Monday how bad throwing away a single bottle of water could really be. “It’s fine, it’s fine,” thought Maine native Sheila Hodge, echoing the exact sentiments of Chicago-area resident Phillip Ragowski, recent Florida transplant Margaret Lowery, and Kansas City business owner Brian McMillan, as they tossed the polyethylene terephthalate object into an awaiting trash can. “It’s just one bottle. And I’m usually pretty good about this sort of thing.” ... read more >>

Tough Foreign Smoking Rules

In this country, WE decide when you can smoke. Oops, did we get a little water in your eye? Take the punishment…..and never forget the stinging pain of water! We do not like outdoor smokers. ... read more >>

Tricks of the Trade: Strategies for Tobacco Advertising

Tobacco advertisers use many different methods to get consumers to buy their products. Often, what they try to sell is less the product itself, and more a lifestyle or image. Although tobacco advertising is no longer permitted in magazines published in Canada, Canadian kids and teens often buy American editions – which don’t have to follow Canadian rules. ... read more >>

Study Finds Teen Girls Who Smoke May Develop Thicker Waistlines

Teenage girls who smoke cigarettes are at an increased risk for developing not only lung cancer later in life, but thicker waistlines as well, researchers say. ... read more >>

Dutch Prohibit Smoking Tobacco But Not Marijuana

A nationwide ban on smoking tobacco in enclosed places began here Tuesday, but Dutch cafes and restaurants will permit patrons to smoke marijuana inside their premises. ... read more >>

Woman Arrested For Attacking Smoker With Air Freshener

A woman was arrested Aug. 21 for attacking another woman, a smoker, with a can of air freshener. ... read more >>

ATF Agents Closing In On Nation’s Most Notorious Cigarette Bummer

WASHINGTON—A spokesperson for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives announced Tuesday that the agency has intensified its manhunt for an individual suspected of bumming more than 75,000 cigarettes nationwide. ... read more >>

Massachusetts Gone To Pot? Police Won’t Ticket Marijuana Users

Police departments across the state of Massachusetts reportedly will not ticket people in possession of marijuana, even if they are caught smoking it. ... read more >>

Smokers In California City Face $100 Fine For Smoking In Apartment, Condo

A town in California became the first in the country to make it illegal for residents to smoke in their apartments and condominiums. ... read more >>

Smoking Pot May Double The Risk Of Testicular Cancer

Smoking pot may increase men’s risk of developing testicular cancer, according to new research from Seattle. ... read more >>

Don’t blame China for the world’s eco woes

Two Chinese businessmen walk into an international airport smoking room crowded with Western men puffing on cigars. The two Chinese are about to light up when one suit-wearing smoker turns and barks: “Do you mind?” ... read more >>