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Changes in smoking laws and habits through in the last 50 years

Some key events and adult smoking rates in the fight over tobacco during the last 50 years: ... read more >>

Cigarettes could get plain packaging by 2015

Cigarettes could be sold only in plain packets after a government U-turn on a major public health policy that previously appeared to have been dropped. ... read more >>

How Smoking Causes Osteoporosis

Human bone breaks down and regenerates naturally all the time, in a perfectly balanced dance that maintains skeletal integrity. ... read more >>

More colleges ban smoking on campus

ALBANY — New York has 67 smoke-free or tobacco-free college campuses, more than any other state in the country, and 29 more colleges in the state are working to adopt such policies, the American Cancer Society announced in a recent report. ... read more >>

More teens smoking synthetic pot

STUDY: More teens smoking synthetic pot ...

Smoking in cars may pose health threat to kids

Smoking in cars produces levels of harmful particulate pollutants that are far above World Health Organization indoor air standards and likely pose a threat to children’s health, a new study reveals. ... read more >>

As tobacco sales decline, so does tobacco money for Jefferson County

A steady decline in smokers nationwide has meant a slight decline in money for Jefferson County. ... read more >>

Cuban sets 5th Guinnes record with 81.8 meter long cigar

HAVANA — The 67-year-old Cuban cigar roller Jose Castelar, on Tuesday set a new Guinnes Record when completing a massive cigar measuring 81.80 meters long and 4 centimeters in diameter. The huge cigar is being exposed at the International Tourism Fair “FIT Cuba 2011” which runs from May 3 to 7 and Castelar said his next project will be to roll a cigar measuring 100 meters. ... read more >>

Cuban seeks to break own record with 70-meter cigar

HAVANA — A Cuban cigar roller began Monday rolling a 70-meter (230-foot) cigar in an attempt to nearly double his previous Guinness world record, a spokesman said. Working eight hours a day for nine days, 67-year-old Jose “Cueto” Castelar is hoping to break his 2009 record of a 43.38-meter-long (142-foot-long) stogie. He hopes to complete his latest feat on May 3 and display it at the International Tourism Fair, which runs Monday-Saturday next week. It would be his fifth record in more than half a century of cigar-rolling. ... read more >>

New Cigarette Brand Bears Presidential Ring

NEW SMYRNA BEACH, Fla. — A Central Florida man has created a cigarette brand that some say draws a little presidential inspiration. The makers call them ‘Bama’s,’ but with a signature oval ring around the logo, they have an uncanny likeness to the president’s last name. “It’s edgy,” said Rob Klotzback, one of the brand’s creators. “It’s easy to remember, the packaging is pretty attractive and it’s a good smoke.” ... read more >>

Cigar-shaped asteroid stronger than ’15 atomic bombs’ whizzes by earth

An asteroid as strong as 15 atomic bombs whizzed past earth last night at just ten times the distance of the moon. Astronomers first spotted the cigar-shaped rock spinning through space on Monday evening and tracked it. The star-gazers were baffled by why the asteroid ‘blinked’ at them until they realised that due to is long shape, the darkness came when it rotated slightly out of view. ... read more >>