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Japan Tobacco Demonstrates Great Results

Japan Tobacco increased probably the most in a year in Tokyo trading after raising its year-end dividend and net revenue outlook, stating it sees carried on revenue increase in the mid-to-long term. ... read more >>

How smoking damages the BRAIN

Smokers have a thinner outer brain layer than non-smokers, scientists have discovered. ... read more >>

Vaping, smoking now the same under Wilmette regulations

Wilmette joined a growing number of communities this week when it banned the sale of electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, to teens under the age of 18, and prohibited people from using the devices anywhere in the village that traditional cigarettes are banned. ... read more >>

Asthma drops after public smoking ban

LONDON, — One year after England banned smoking in public places there was more than a 12 percent drop in children hospitalized with asthma, researchers say. ... read more >>

How Stress Is Like Smoking

Many of us arrive home from work feeling totally tense every now and then—maybe there’s still a pile of paperwork on our desks that we didn’t get to or the boss lost her temper at the afternoon meeting. These things happen. But being chronically stressed out, from work or just from life itself, can majorly hurt our health, according to new data from Columbia University. ... read more >>

Teens smoke less when cigarettes are out of sight

A new study has concluded that teens buy less tobacco when tobacco displays are out-of-sight. ... read more >>

Tobacco Road to stay open despite sale

Tobacco Road will celebrate its 100th anniversary later this year, but the future of Miami’s oldest bar is only secure for another three years following the sale of its property last month. ... read more >>

Blumenthal Speaks Out Against Menthol Cigarettes

Citing evidence that cigarette companies use menthol to promote smoking among young people and minorities, Sen. Richard Blumenthal is urging the FDA to regulate the substance. Blumenthal, D-Conn., sent a letter Monday to Margaret Hamburg, commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, asking her to follow last month’s recommendation by an advisory committee of the FDA to ban the sale of menthol cigarettes. Based on a recent study, the Tobacco Products Scientific Advisory Committee concluded that menthol makes smoking more palatable and possibly makes cigarettes more addictive. ... read more >>

Worcester cig sale ban closer

WORCESTER — The city is one step away from becoming the ninth municipality in the state to ban the sale of cigarettes and other tobacco products by local health-care providers, including chain pharmacies and other drugstores. The ban was one of four amendments to the city’s tobacco control ordinance given initial approval by the City Council. ... read more >>

New brands key to unlocking market for cigarette firm

Cigarette manufacturer BAT is set to introduce new brands without nicotine in a drive to increase its sales in a market where cigarettes regulation and competition have emerged as the firm’s biggest challenges. The new brands could wean smokers off cigarettes while growing the company’s sales. BAT’s parent company has set up a subsidiary, Nicoventures, to drive the new products that are currently not available in the Kenyan market but are to be introduced at a later date. ... read more >>

Secondhand Smoke May Affect Kids’ Mental Health

Breathing secondhand smoke could increase a child’s risk of mental and behavioral disorders, including attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), suggests a new study. The study adds to evidence suggesting that kids of mothers who smoked while pregnant may be more likely to have behavioral problems. Secondhand smoke exposure has also been linked to heart and breathing problems in kids. ... read more >>