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Government clamps down on tobacco smuggling

Tough new plans to tackle the illicit tobacco trade have been unveiled by HM Revenue & Customs. Under the new strategy, supported by the UK Border Agency, the Government has provided additional investment for more officers to target organised criminals who smuggle tobacco. ... read more >>

BAT eyes Sudan as cigarette sales in Kenya stagnate

British American Tobacco Kenya (BAT) is set to venture into Southern Sudan to expand its export business as the local market comes under increasing regulatory pressures. The cigarette manufacturer said it was finalising talks with the Southern Sudan government to begin supplying that market by year-end, a move that is expected to grow its export business that absorbs 62 per cent of its production. ... read more >>

Last-ditch effort to stave off tobacco tax increase

Legislators have made a last-ditch appeal to the government to amend the 41.5 percent tobacco tax increase to soften the blow for smokers. The rise should be spread over five years, which means each cigarette stick will cost 20 HK cents more a year, said New People’s Party legislator Regina Ip Lau Suk-yee. ... read more >>

Big tobacco wields FOI docs against Labor

Big tobacco says documents obtained under freedom of information laws prove the federal government is on shaky ground when it comes to mandating plain packaging for cigarettes. British American Tobacco Australia (BATA) has taken its fight to get access to one particular document to the Federal Court. But it said documents already obtained under FOI laws showed plain packaging would impinge on tobacco companies’ trademark rights. ... read more >>

Bill seeks $1.50 hike in Maine cigarette tax

AUGUSTA, Maine — A bill to increase Maine’s cigarette tax by $1.50 per pack to $3.50 has encountered opposition in the State House from convenience stores, grocers and other businesses that deal with tobacco. The Taxation Committee on Wednesday took up a bill supporters see as a way to help discourage young people from smoking. Money from the tax increase would help fund the operation of a tobacco help line. ... read more >>

British America Tobacco’s first-quarter sales rise

LONDON (MarketWatch) — British American Tobacco PLC (BATS.LN) Thursday posted a rise in first-quarter sales, but the world’s second-biggest tobacco group by revenue said volumes continued to soften and warned of challenging trading as smokers struggle with tough global economic conditions. Consumers in more mature markets are switching to low-cost brands as spending power is hit by tax hikes and other austerity measures to help governments rein in borrowing. ... read more >>

Treasury to cut duty-free tobacco guidelines in £2bn tax clawback effort

The number of cigarettes holidaymakers may bring back from Europe without attracting questions from Customs officials is to be cut by more than two-thirds as part of a Treasury attempt to claw back some of the £2.2bn in tax lost to tobacco smuggling every year. The proposed change, which sets a guideline limit of 800 cigarettes and 1kg of rolling tobacco, will reignite a battle with campaigners such as smokers’ rights group Forest. Simon Clark, director of Forest, described the move as “shocking”, noting that current limits of up to 3,200 cigarettes and 3kg of rolling tobacco were set in 2002 after an attempt to clamp down further met with outrage and legal challenges. ... read more >>

Smoking Ban is ‘Tobacco Totalitarianism’

It’s been more than a year and a half since UNM became a “smoke-free” campus, but so far no one has been punished for smoking outside of designated areas. Student Conduct Officer Rob Burford said five or six people have been warned to obey the policy. He said punishments for continued tobacco violations include probation, community service and even suspension. ... read more >>

Smoking restrictions

Say this for the Macon City Council and its decision to tighten smoking restrictions: The council was bound to anger a lot of people however it voted on the matter, but it didn’t duck the issue. The new ordinance, which goes into effect Sept. 1, will eliminate smoking in bars and nightclubs and just about every other indoor place besides private homes. It also bans smoking outdoors within 10 feet or a reasonable distance of entrances to businesses. Businesses could face fines of up to $500, and repeat offenders could have licenses yanked. ... read more >>

Bringing cigarette-tax stamps back would raise money, fight crime

Legislators are trying once again to curb cigarette smuggling, both into and out of North Carolina, by re-establishing a stamp on cigarette packs. This year, the odds look better than in the past, and that is good. North Carolina has long had one of the lowest state cigarette taxes. Because of that, organized crime and terrorist organizations have bought cigarettes here and resold them illegally in high-tax states. In recent years, cigarettes have also been smuggled into North Carolina, costing the state tax revenue. ... read more >>

‘Roll-your-own’ smokes now high tech, low cost

We can throw away the image of a grizzled cowpoke closing his tobacco pouch drawstring with his yellowed teeth and licking a loosely-rolled, skinny, homemade cigarette. “Roll-your-own” has gone high tech with a growing number of smokers opting for homemade cigarettes at a fourth of the cost of mass produced, tailor-made “smokes.” The economics of such a switch are compelling. A popular tailor-made brand like Marlboro sells for about $4 a pack and $40 a carton at local tobacco shops. ... read more >>