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Smoking: A Drag for Job Applicants?

Smokers need not apply — or need to quit — if they want to be hired at a southern Delaware hospital, one of a growing number of employers to ban the practice among prospective staff members. Overwhelming evidence about the health risks of smoking have turned laws and public sentiment against the habit, but Wharton experts note that such policies raise questions about how far employers should be able to go in regulating employees’ behavior in and out of the office. ... read more >>

Studies Show Maternal Smoking Triggers Asthma in Grandchildren

Everyone knows that smoking cigarettes and other tobacco products is bad for your health… and for those around you. Now, there’s new evidence from studies with lab rats that the habit can cause asthma not only in smokers’ children, but in their grandchildren, as well. ... read more >>

Is it OK to cheer Osama bin Laden’s death?

Jesus said “love your enemies.” If only he had said how we should react when they die at our own hands. After President Obama announced that al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden had been shot dead in Pakistan, ebullient crowds gathered outside the White House and at Ground Zero to cheer the demise of the world’s most wanted terrorist, smoking cigars and breaking into chest-thumping chants of “USA! USA!” ... read more >>

Amid fiscal turmoil, House votes to cut tax on loose-leaf tobacco

As many places across the country raise tobacco taxes in an effort to reduce usage and save on public health costs down the road the Texas House has gone in the other direction. Members of the Texas House on Wednesday approved a bill to lower a tax on Red Man and other brands of loose-leaf chewing tobacco. When Rep. Allan Ritter, R-Nederland , laid out House Bill 2599, one freshman House member from Central Texas couldn’t believe his ears. ... read more >>

Navajo Nation president awaits word on smoking ban

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. — Navajo President Ben Shelly cannot enforce an executive order to ban smoking in public places on the reservation, his spokeswoman said Thursday, easing concerns that an immediate prohibition would jeopardize a $150 million casino in Arizona. Shelly signed the order this week, saying he wanted to create a healthier environment for Navajo people who are subjected to second-hand smoke. The tribe’s justice department reviewed the order and found that it was legally insufficient, said Shelly spokeswoman Charmaine Jackson. ... read more >>

Demonstrators protest at Reynolds American

A group of 17 demonstrators staged a rally Tuesday in front of Reynolds American Inc.’s downtown headquarters to call attention to tobacco-farm workers, who the protesters said are often underpaid and forced to live in poor conditions. Gail Phares of Raleigh, an organizer and advocate for immigrants’ rights, said that the U.S. must reform its immigration policies. ... read more >>

Scott opts not to join Gulf oil spill lawsuit

Florida will not join current legal action against the owner of the Deepwater Horizon well that exploded a year ago today — a decision by Gov. Rick Scott that was criticized at several levels on the eve of the anniversary of the worst oil disaster in the country’s history. The governor made the announcement Tuesday on the first day of a two-day tour of the Panhandle, which bore the brunt of the state’s economic and environmental damage from last year’s gusher in the Gulf of Mexico. ... read more >>

Labour blames Govt for inflation rise

The Government should take some responsibility for the 4.5 percent rise in prices, Labour says. Figures out yesterday showed inflation reached 4.5 percent in the March year. The rise in GST accounted for 2.3 percent of that rise while cigarette and tobacco prices rose 9.4 per cent in the March 2011 quarter, and petrol prices rose almost 10 percent. ... read more >>

Smoking supporters say it’s about freedom

“We want them to vote no on both measure one and two, but to educate them in letting them know they will be losing their freedoms to choose,”said Keith Holzer, spokesman for the Employees for Individual Freedom. They referred the Bismarck City Commission vote to ban smoking in all bars. In recent weeks, the group has began running its own ad campaign to counter messages for the smoking ban. Their “vote no” message is even printed on napkins. Mike Peluso, co-owner of the Stadium and Lodge, said they are only using private money for the ads; drop boxes ask patrons to help. ... read more >>

Cigarette-selling ice-cream truck turns heads at Port Chester border

PORT CHESTER — The former ice-cream truck parked at a local gas station doesn’t play a jingle and doesn’t offer sprinkles. It sells packs of cigarettes — ID required. A month ago, in response to a cigarette tax increase in New York, the Sunoco station on West Putnam Avenue moved its packs off the shelves and across the parking lot, just over the Connecticut state line. What sold for $10.12 a pack inside the store sells for $8.50 from the shop-on-wheels, manager Farooq Mahammad said. ... read more >>

Lawmakers propose 70-cent cigarette tax hike

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — A group of lawmakers, including Senate President Joel Chaisson, is pushing to boost cigarette taxes by 70 cents per pack, with similar increases for cigars and chewing tobacco. The change would increase the state tax on cigarettes from 36 cents per pack to $1.06. ... read more >>