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Oral Sex Puts Men at Risk for Oral Cancer

Rates of oral cancer are on the rise among men, and researchers say the culprit isn’t the devil you might think. The rising rates of oral cancer aren’t being caused by tobacco, experts say, but by HPV, the same sexually transmitted virus responsible for the vast majority of cases of cervical cancer in women. Millions of women and girls have been vaccinated against HPV, or human papillomavirus, but doctors now say men exposed to the STD during oral sex are at risk as well and may have higher chances of developing oral cancer. ... read more >>

Men May Be More Vulnerable to Roller Coaster Ride of Romance

Young men are often portrayed as insensitive players with a “love ‘em and leave ‘em” attitude toward the opposite sex, but a new study suggests that they are actually more vulnerable to the emotional ups and downs of romantic relationships than young women. “The perception is that young men are unfeeling when it comes to relationships, and that all they want is to have sex,” said study author Robin Simon, a professor of sociology at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, N.C. “But these findings reveal that they are emotionally involved, and that they actually benefit more from the good parts of the relationship and are more harmed by the bad than women.” ... read more >>

Less stress, more sex key to fertility

It is supposed to happen in a moment of abandon, but for many couples, conception turns out to be anything but instant – or fun. It often takes longer than you might think and one in six couples have problems conceiving. According to Britain’s best-known midwife Zita West, the stress of it all can make conception even harder. ... read more >>

More Than 40% of U.S. Teens Have Had Sex

More than 40 percent of unmarried U.S. teenagers — or 4.3 million teen males and females — have had sex at least once, a new U.S. government report shows. This continues a flattening trend seen since 2002 and caps a downward trend seen between 1995 and 2002, especially in males, said report author Joyce Abma. The report was issued Wednesday by the U.S. National Center for Health Statistics. ... read more >>

Sexual, Urinary Health Boosted in Exercisers, Nonsmokers

For people who need more reasons to start exercising and steer clear of smoking, new research finds that moving around and rejecting cigarettes can improve urinary health in women and sexual health in men. In one study, researchers surveyed more than 2,000 Finnish women, aged 18 to 79, about smoking and their urinary health. ... read more >>

Celebrities and Sex Addiction

It’s more than just sex. Although the American Psychiatric Association has yet to recognize sexual addiction as an official diagnosis (they may call it hypersexual disorder), chances are you’ve heard the term. Characterized by compulsive sexual thoughts and acts, people with a sex addiction supposedly have an inability to control sexual behavior, even when it’s risky or harmful. ... read more >>

3 Reasons You and Your Lover May Have Different Sex Drives

If your relationship is in turmoil because one partner has lost his or her interest in sex, the explanation might be psychological or medical or something else entirely, such as a secret attraction or affair. But there other, simpler explanations as well, rooted in lack of good communication. ... read more >>

The Ultimate Expert Tips for Staying Young

Whoever coined the phrase “You’re only as old as you feel” had it so right. If you feel younger than you are, the number on your driver’s license (who needs to see that, anyway?) loses much of its sway. And, fortunately, turning back the clock has never been easier. To fend off—even reverse!—the signs of aging, try these decade-by-decade tricks. ... read more >>

With Infertility May Come Sexual Dysfunction

Infertile women face an increased risk for sexual dysfunction, a new study reports. Stanford University researchers compared a group of infertile women, who averaged about 36 years old, with a group of fertile women, who averaged about 33 years old. Their weight and years of education were similar. The average length of infertility was 3.4 years, and 45 percent had been through in-vitro fertilization. ... read more >>

Survey Finds Many Men Complaining of Ill-Fitting Condoms

Poorly fitting condoms not only boost the risk of sexually transmitted diseases, they also reduce sexual pleasure during intercourse, a new study has found. The findings are based on a survey of 436 men, aged 18 to 67, who responded to an Internet survey after being recruited through newspaper ads and a blog on a condom sales company Web site. The survey asked the men about how a condom fit the last time they used one while having sex with a female. ... read more >>

Anti-smoking advert with sexual innuendo shocks French

The adverts, presented earlier this week, show an older man in a suit pushing down on the head of a teenager with a cigarette in her mouth, in a position that suggests oral sex. Another version of the advert shows a teenage boy in a similar position. The accompanying slogan reads: “Smoking means being a slave to tobacco”. ... read more >>