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Most major US airports that allow smoking won’t kick the habit

Smoking is still allowed in specific areas at the five major U.S. airports detailed in a recent report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that showed air pollution levels that are significantly higher than those at non-smoking airports. ... read more >>

French airline passenger who hit staff after being caught smoking in toilet sentenced to ‘time served’

A 34-year-old Frenchman charged with assault after airline staff confronted him about smoking in the toilet has been sentenced to ‘time served’ and fined $500. Prosecutors claimed Franck Lebrun – a contractor who lives in Isola 2000, a ski resort in the southern French Alps – ‘did knowingly and intentionally assault and intimidate a flight crew member and flight attendant of the aircraft’ during a flight between Nice and New York on January 8. ... read more >>

Spain’s smokers get used to life without cigarettes in country’s public spaces

The whiff of cigarette smoke has long been as much a part of Spain’s social scene as a plate of tapas or a fine aperitif. However, 2011 marks a new dawn for smokers as tough anti-smoking law have been introduced across the country – banning lighting up in all enclosed public places. The new rules, which are some of the most stringent in Europe, came into force at midnight after a one-day amnesty on January 1. Critics said that 145,000 jobs could be lost because of the law change and restaurants and bars could see their revenues fall by 10 per cent. ... read more >>

Paris’ chocolatey coating

Chocolate in Paris is serious business. One can hardly walk from the Louvre to the Left Bank without bumping into a chocolate boutique. Hot spots such as Patrick Roger and La Maison du Chocolat tend to be found on “best” lists, but there are scores of smaller shops too, testimony to the Parisian love affair with gourmet chocolate. Here are just a few worth a taste: ... read more >>

Spaniards fury as new law bans smoking in public places

Spanish bars are known for being full of lively music, buzzing locals, great tapas and… cigarette smoke. But Britain’s favourite holiday destination is finally changing all that with a ban on smoking in public places. The new law is due to come into effect on January 2, 2011 and will put an end to smoke-filled bars, cafes and restaurants, bringing Spain into line with the USA, Britain and the rest of Western Europe. ... read more >>

Tiger safaris: A park that balances tourism and conservation

Out in the wild meadows of Satpura National Park a herd of blackbuck are feeding, treading so lightly on their pipestem legs they hardly seem to touch the earth. Langur monkeys, their old men’s faces framed in backlit haloes of silver fur, observe us from a pipal tree, and chital stags with velvet antlers are bellowing at the dawn. Soon it will be time for Holi, the festival that marks the end of winter. No rain has fallen for months and although the trees are still green the sound of falling leaves is everywhere. ... read more >>

Icelandic volcano takes time out from disrupting flights… to produce a giant smoke ring

After causing misery to millions of air passengers over the past few weeks, the infamous Icelandic volcano has at last provided us with something we can all admire – a giant smoke ring. Like a human smoker, Eyjafjallajökull puffed out the magical circle. Perfectly formed, it rose from the volcano’s main crater and hovered hundreds of feet above the seething mountain for more than five minutes. ... read more >>

British Airways strike: crisis talks between airline and union ‘to try and avert chaos’

British Airways is to meet with the Unite union this weekend in emergency crisis talks in a last-ditch attempt to avert the planned round of strikes by cabin crew. Acas Chief Conciliator Peter Harwood confirmed talks would go ahead on Saturday to prevent industrial action which threatens to bring chaos to the travel plans of many of the airline’s passengers. “Following Monday’s meeting, I believe that there is a window of opportunity this weekend for a negotiated settlement to be achieve,” he said. ... read more >>

Volcanic ash cloud: Heathrow and Gatwick reopen but travel chaos continues

The no-fly zone imposed over London was lifted at 7am, with flights grounded in other parts of the UK, including Scotland and Wales. There are expected to be knock-on effects for passengers as Heathrow, Gatwick and London City airports restrict the number of flights allowed to take off and land following the ban. The lockdown on airports at the start of the week is expected to cause significant disruption to business travellers and holidaymakers. ... read more >>

St Tropez’s double life

It can take two hours or more to drive the last couple of miles into St Tropez. That’s enough time to build up quite a head of hate. You may seethe at your passengers and the zillion other cars and the stupid scooters weaving in and out, and the OAPs with walking frames overtaking you. ... read more >>

Iceland volcano causes more flight cancellations as ash drifts south

The volcanic ash cloud drifting south from Iceland has caused fresh disruption for air passengers, with dozens of flights to Mediterranean destinations cancelled. Budget airline Ryanair said it has cancelled dozens of flights to and from destinations in Spain, Portugal and the Canary Islands. ... read more >>