More colleges ban smoking on campus

ALBANY — New York has 67 smoke-free or tobacco-free college campuses, more than any other state in the country, and 29 more colleges in the state are working to adopt such policies, the American Cancer Society announced in a recent report. ... read more >>

Spanish Cigarette Tax Did Little To Curb Smoking Due to Loophole

A sweeping cigarette tax in Spain did little to curb smoking due to a loophole many smokers abused, according to a study published Thursday in the journal Nicotine and Tobacco Research. ... read more >>

More teens smoking synthetic pot

STUDY: More teens smoking synthetic pot ...

Most major US airports that allow smoking won’t kick the habit

Smoking is still allowed in specific areas at the five major U.S. airports detailed in a recent report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that showed air pollution levels that are significantly higher than those at non-smoking airports. ... read more >>

Asthma drops after public smoking ban

LONDON, — One year after England banned smoking in public places there was more than a 12 percent drop in children hospitalized with asthma, researchers say. ... read more >>

Smoking: A Drag for Job Applicants?

Smokers need not apply — or need to quit — if they want to be hired at a southern Delaware hospital, one of a growing number of employers to ban the practice among prospective staff members. Overwhelming evidence about the health risks of smoking have turned laws and public sentiment against the habit, but Wharton experts note that such policies raise questions about how far employers should be able to go in regulating employees’ behavior in and out of the office. ... read more >>

How Stress Is Like Smoking

Many of us arrive home from work feeling totally tense every now and then—maybe there’s still a pile of paperwork on our desks that we didn’t get to or the boss lost her temper at the afternoon meeting. These things happen. But being chronically stressed out, from work or just from life itself, can majorly hurt our health, according to new data from Columbia University. ... read more >>

Teens smoke less when cigarettes are out of sight

A new study has concluded that teens buy less tobacco when tobacco displays are out-of-sight. ... read more >>

Studies Show Maternal Smoking Triggers Asthma in Grandchildren

Everyone knows that smoking cigarettes and other tobacco products is bad for your health… and for those around you. Now, there’s new evidence from studies with lab rats that the habit can cause asthma not only in smokers’ children, but in their grandchildren, as well. ... read more >>

Will Banning Tobacco Growing End Smoking?

This week presents a significant milestone in the history of tobacco farming. For the first time ever, over 30 million tobacco farmers across the world united to mark – but not to celebrate – World Tobacco Growers day on October 29. ... read more >>

Smoking in cars may pose health threat to kids

Smoking in cars produces levels of harmful particulate pollutants that are far above World Health Organization indoor air standards and likely pose a threat to children’s health, a new study reveals. ... read more >>