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FDA panel findings could lead to curbs on menthol cigarettes

Washington — Adding menthol to cigarettes may increase the likelihood of addiction and make it easier for young people to start smoking, according to preliminary findings of a Food and Drug Administration advisory panel. The panel said the scientific evidence showed that “menthol has cooling and anesthetic effects that reduce the harshness of cigarette smoke” and this reduction “could facilitate initiation or early persistence of smoking by youth.” ... read more >>

Mushroom growth of shisha-smoking attracting youth in twin cities

ISLAMABAD — Shisha smoking, a new way of addiction, is spreading among youth in the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi and this mushroom growth of modern smoking is attracting the under-age youth rapidly.Shisha cafes, constructed in most modern way are attracting the college and university students as they smoke freely at these cafes without any pressure from their elder ones. ... read more >>

Jury selection for Jackson County tobacco suit

Jury selection began Monday in a tobacco civil suit, set to commence later this week in Jackson County. Cottondale resident Emmon Smith is suing R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company. Smith, a minister born in 1931, was a smoker beginning in the 1940s. He developed lung cancer and lost a lung some time ago. His lead attorney, Maria Rubio, told potential jurors he is suing the tobacco company “for his addiction and consequences.” Former state Rep. Robert Trammel is one of the lawyers assisting Rubio in Smith’s case. ... read more >>

Why do so many writers struggle with drug and alcohol addiction?

BILL: Stephen King has written 63 books, and is estimated to be worth over $150 million. But in his recently re-released memoir, “On Writing: 10th Anniversary Addition: A Memoir of the Craft,” King tells us that for years, his drug and alcohol addictions were so bad, he can barely remember working on some of his best-known best-sellers. ... read more >>

Celebrities and Sex Addiction

It’s more than just sex. Although the American Psychiatric Association has yet to recognize sexual addiction as an official diagnosis (they may call it hypersexual disorder), chances are you’ve heard the term. Characterized by compulsive sexual thoughts and acts, people with a sex addiction supposedly have an inability to control sexual behavior, even when it’s risky or harmful. ... read more >>

FDA panel to target menthol cigarettes

A U.S. scientific panel this month will weigh the controversial role of popular menthol flavoring in cigarettes in the first public meeting on tobacco products since a new law granted regulators power over the industry last year. Over two days, the Food and Drug Administration’s panel of outside experts will look at the health impact of the mint-like additive on smoker’s use as well as addiction and health, with another meeting set later this year, the FDA said on Monday. ... read more >>

Pin-cushion Jacko: Post mortem reveals 13 puncture marks on his body

This shocking illustration shows the appalling toll that drug dependency took on Michael Jackson’s body. Puncture wounds on his neck, arms and legs – damning proof of the singer’s addiction – were graphically detailed in the coroner’s report into his death. In a final blow to the pop icon’s battered image, the autopsy also revealed that Jackson’s ‘sparse’ hair was ‘connected to a wig’. ... read more >>

6 Common Smoking Triggers—and How to Fight Them

Conquer your cravings ...

Setting down their cigarettes, teenagers take up the hookah

Ryan Baucom, the co-owner of a downtown Sarasota nightspot that caters to the 18-25 crowd, has turned to an old custom to attract young customers. At The Box Social club, Baucom recently started renting out a hookah. Business is so good he plans to buy another. “It’s becoming more and more popular,” he said. In higher numbers than those who frequently smoke cigarettes, teenagers are trying hookahs: water pipes from the Middle East that use coals to burn flavored tobacco. ... read more >>

Hooked on hookah

For many students smoking all about socializing. The room is smoky. The low-lying smog smells sweet, like roses. It permeates everything in the simple living room. The white couches facing a moderately sized TV speak of a clean, but sparse, living space. Above the entryway to the kitchen hangs a sign: “To be old and wise, first one has to be young and crazy.” ... read more >>

The Moderating Effects of Cigarettes During Acute Alcohol Consumption

The consumption, and often abuse, of alcohol is frequently accompanied by parliament cigarette smoking. Ninety percent of alcoholics also smoke cigarettes in comparison to about 30% of the general population. It has been proposed that smoking could, by providing the stimulating effects of nicotine, offset the depressant effects of alcohol. ... read more >>