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Nebraska lawmakers to debate tobacco bill

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) — A bill that would help Nebraska collect its share of money from a legal settlement with four major U.S. tobacco companies is set for legislative debate. The bill by Grand Island Sen. Mike Gloor is designed to help the state secure its part of the health care money from the 1998 settlement. Lawmakers could vote on the proposal as early as Wednesday. ... read more >>

Lawmakers Consider Bill That Would Lower Cigarette Tax

Buying a pack of cigarettes in New Hampshire could soon be a little cheaper if some state lawmakers get their way. The Senate is taking up a House bill that would lower the cigarette tax in the Granite State by 10 cents per pack. Opponents argue it sends the wrong message, but others said it will draw more people across the border to spend money. ... read more >>

Tobacco Tax Increases Stops OPEB Bill

A Kanawha County State Senator says there is still hope for the legislation designed to reduce the amount of money the state will have to pay for health care benefits for future state retirees. “It is not dead. We are continuing to work on trying to find a funding source,” Senator Brooks McCabe said on Tuesday’s MetroNews Talkline, a day after the Senate Finance Committee rejected the bill on a 9-8 vote. ... read more >>

Bill Would Raise Tobacco Tax by Almost 70 Cents a Pack

BOISE, ID – If you light up, some Idaho lawmakers want you to pay up. A bill is set to be introduced Wednesday in a House committee that would raise the state’s cigarette tax to a $1.25 per pack, from the current $0.57. ... read more >>

Mississippi Senate OKs stripped-down smoking ban bill

JACKSON — State senators approved legislation Wednesday that adds to the list of public facilities and property where tobacco smoking is forbidden. Supporters had wanted a statewide smoking ban in all public buildings, but were forced to downgrade their efforts after opposition was raised by businesses, such as casinos and bars, where smoking is allowed. ... read more >>

Bill would bar sales of tobacco-less chew to minors

LITTLE ROCK — A bill to prohibit the sale of tobacco-less chew to minors passed today in the Senate. The vote on Senate Bill 69 by Sen. Jimmy Jeffress, D-Crossett, was 28-4. Jeffress said young children are buying the “herbal snuff” in an effort to imitate adults who use smokeless tobacco. Some senators questioned whether it was necessary to ban the sale of a product that is not habit-forming and does not cause any health problems just because some children may be using it to imitate adults who use smokeless tobacco. ... read more >>

Bill providing funds to Butte Veterans Home before Legislature

A bill providing funds toward a Southwest Montana veteran’s home project now waits before the state legislature. Representative Jon Sesso of Butte said a hearing on the bill will likely be held next week. House Bill 296 would put cigarette tax money toward construction of the home in butte for the next four years. Sesso said the project will cost almost $14 million dollars. He said the state needs to come up with just under $5 million dollars of that through this bill. Not having that money would put a hold on the federal government paying for the rest of the home. ... read more >>

Indiana House panel plans to exempt casinos from smoking ban bill

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Lawmakers in the Indiana House say they’ll exempt casinos from a proposed statewide smoking ban — a move that could give the legislation its best shot at becoming law while preventing the state from potentially losing millions of dollars in gambling taxes. Casinos have long argued that a smoking ban would hurt business, and the nonpartisan Legislative Services Agency recently estimated in a fiscal note that the state could lose more than $180 million a year in taxes if gamblers couldn’t light up. The high price tag in a time of slumping state revenues meant there was no hope for a comprehensive ban, said Rep. Charlie Brown, a Democrat from Gary who has pushed for such a ban for several years. ... read more >>

Ronald Reagan vs. Ulysses Grant or what’s-her-name

Two photos in the news this morning. Relax! Neither has anything to do with healthcare: Not that many of us are seeing many of these $50 bills these days. But in case you ever do, how do you feel about subbing out the picture of the 18th president, Ulysses S. Grant, for the 40th president, Ronald Reagan? A North Carolina representative, Patrick McHenry, has introduced a bill to replace Grant’s visage with Reagan’s. Republican president Ronald Reagan ... read more >>