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California’s quitting smoking faster than the rest of the U.S.

California has been kicking its smoking habit far more successfully than the rest of America – and it may be due to more than four decades of antismoking state policies. That’s according to a study published this week in the Journal of the American Medical Assn., in which a UC San Diego-led team mapped out the prevalence of smoking among high-intensity smokers (20 or more cigarettes per day), moderate-to-high-intensity smokers (10-19 cigarettes per day) and low-intensity smokers (0-9 cigarettes per day). ... read more >>

Tobacco tax campaign will be a rough ride

Lance Armstrong pedalled (flew, actually) into California last week to promote his latest post-retirement campaign: a ballot measure raising the state tax on cigarettes by $1 a pack to generate $850 million a year for cancer research and anti-smoking programs. ... read more >>

Californians Are Smoking Less and Less

People living in California are smoking less than those living in other states, finds a recent study by the California Department of Public Health. According to New York Times, California has the second lowest smoking rate in the country behind Utah. Only 13.1 percent of Californians smoke compared to 20.6 percent nationally. ... read more >>

Californians continue to kick the cigarette habit

The percentage of California adults who smoke has continued to drop more than the national average, according to new data released Monday by state health officials. Still, deep disparities exist depending on gender, education, income, ethnicity and region. Overall, Californians remain significantly less likely to smoke than people in the rest of the country, with 13.1% of adults surveyed statewide saying they smoked last year compared with 21% of adults nationwide. ... read more >>

Prop. 26 confusion: What’s a tax?

When should a “fee” be called a “tax”? Is it a tax or a fee when the government slaps a 20-cent-per-pack levy on cigarettes to help clean up litter — as San Francisco has? Is it a fee or a tax when the state Legislature gets paint companies to pay for a program to collect leftover paint and keep it — and its toxic chemicals — out of landfills? ... read more >>

Schwarzenegger Talks Pot With Leno: ‘No One Cares If You Smoke A Joint Or Not’ (VIDEO)

Arnold Schwarzenegger has an answer for an age old question: What are you smoking? His response: Who cares? At least if it’s pot. The outgoing California Governor appeared on NBC’s “Tonight Show” on Monday for a wide-ranging discussion about politics, including a law he recently signed to reduce the state’s punishment for possession of up to an ounce of marijuana. The maximum penalty is now $100, with no arrest or criminal record — he equated it to “a speeding ticket.” ... read more >>

Pot legalization advocates are undeterred by the defeat of Prop. 19

Despite Proposition 19’s loss at the polls last week, marijuana legalization advocates in California are already working on their comeback plan for 2012 and are almost giddy about their prospects. They see the election as a trial run that could lead to a campaign with a better message, a tighter measure and more money. Both the winning and losing sides say California’s voters rejected this specific initiative, but remain open to legalizing the easily obtainable drug. ... read more >>

Legal Pot or Bust!

The simple truth about America’s marijuana prohibition: any law that easily allows the incarceration of any citizen any time those in power want is the ultimate enemy of democracy. With 800,000 annual arrests over an herb used by tens of millions of Americans, it is the cornerstone of a police state. ... read more >>

Money bolsters both sides of Prop. 19 debate

The battle over Proposition 19 has shifted to television sets and radios for the final week of the campaign, as both sides benefit from recent support from major financial backers. On Monday, George Soros, a multibillionaire investor who spent $3 million on earlier initiatives to change California’s drug laws, endorsed the measure. “He plans to make a significant contribution,” said Michael Vachon, an advisor to the philanthropist and hedge-fund chairman. ... read more >>

U.S. drug czar criticizes Prop. 19

The nation’s drug czar traveled to California to highlight his contention that legalizing marijuana is not the answer to a drug war he acknowledged has not succeeded. Instead, Gil Kerlikowske stressed what he called a middle way: increased prevention and treatment. Kerlikowske’s stated reason for the drop-in visit Wednesday was an invitation from the Pasadena Recovery Center to participate in a round-table with drug treatment specialists that lasted less than half an hour. Before the event, he spoke to the media about his opposition to Proposition 19. ... read more >>

Becks shares cigar with wife Posh in California sunshine

David Beckham and Victoria were recently spotted sharing a cigar in the California sunshine. While Victoria, 36, opted to wear a black polka dot bikini in order to make the most of the sunshine, David chose a pair of low slung denim shorts, and a backwards baseball cap. The pair, who are currently splitting their time between London and Los Angeles, looked happy and relaxed as they spent some quality time together with a group of friends. ... read more >>