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Smoking in cars may pose health threat to kids

Smoking in cars produces levels of harmful particulate pollutants that are far above World Health Organization indoor air standards and likely pose a threat to children’s health, a new study reveals. ... read more >>

Times Square car bomb suspect pleads guilty in NYC, says ‘we will be attacking US’

Calling himself a Muslim soldier, a defiant Pakistan-born U.S. citizen pleaded guilty Monday to carrying out the failed Times Square car bombing and left a sinister warning that unless the U.S. leaves Muslim lands alone, “we will be attacking U.S.” Faisal Shahzad entered the plea in U.S. District Court in Manhattan just days after a federal grand jury indicted him on 10 terrorism and weapons counts, some of which carry mandatory life sentences. He pleaded guilty to them all. ... read more >>

Motorist Reaching For Cigarette Drives Into Pond

WHEATON, Ill. (STNG) ― A motorist veered off a west suburban road into a pond early Thursday after losing control while reaching for a lit cigarette that had fallen inside his car, police said. ... read more >>