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Hackademy Awards Recognize Smoke-Free Hit ‘Inception’ as Thumbs Up! Movie for 2010

Teen movie reviewers in Sacramento, California faced a tough challenge in picking the smokiest movie for 2010, but decided “Remember Me” could have easily afforded to forget about promoting America’s leading cause of preventable death. That made the romantic drama the latest Thumbs Down! Movie recipient in this year’s annual Hackademy Awards, presented by Breathe California of Sacramento-Emigrant Trails. ... read more >>

‘Social Network’ friends Golden Globes with 4 prizes, including best drama and director

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (AP) — The Facebook tale “The Social Network” won top honors Sunday at the Golden Globes with four prizes, including best drama and director, solidifying its prospects as an Academy Awards favorite. Winning the dramatic lead-acting prizes were Colin Firth for the British monarchy saga “The King’s Speech” and Natalie Portman for the psychosexual thriller “Black Swan.” ... read more >>

Celebrities to be barred from advertising alcohol

The Ministerial Committee for Legislation yesterday approved a draft law that would prohibit celebrities from appearing in advertisements for alcoholic beverages and require such products to carry warnings similar to those for tobacco products. According to the bill’s preamble, the measure is designed to counter the “widespread use of advertising that presents alcohol consumption in a positive light, often while exploiting youthful innocence through the use of celebrities.” ... read more >>

Kirsten Dunst in the new movie, ‘All Good Things’

Kirsten Dunst was losing it, and Hollywood was starting to worry. During production of 2008’s “How to Lose Friends & Alienate People,” she and her boyfriend broke up, and director Robert Weide saw “a girl who was just right on the edge, emotionally feeling wiped out and devastated.” Perhaps it was inevitable. After all, she’d been acting for more than two decades — and was only in her mid-twenties. She had started performing in commercials when she was 4. Her earnings were set aside for college, but she never went — those plans were derailed when, at 12, her career took off after a Golden Globe-nominated turn opposite Brad Pitt in “Interview With the Vampire.” ... read more >>

Celebrities and Sex Addiction

It’s more than just sex. Although the American Psychiatric Association has yet to recognize sexual addiction as an official diagnosis (they may call it hypersexual disorder), chances are you’ve heard the term. Characterized by compulsive sexual thoughts and acts, people with a sex addiction supposedly have an inability to control sexual behavior, even when it’s risky or harmful. ... read more >>