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Lindsay Lohan Sizzles in ‘Blank’ Magazine Photo Shoot

No matter how much trouble Lindsay Lohan gets into she always seems to squeeze a photoshoot or two into her busy schedule of court appearances, community service and visits to her lawyer. And here are the results of her latest venture into the world of modelling. In this racy new shoot for BLANK magazine the 24-year-old actress puts her troubles to the back of her mind and continues to play up to her bad girl image, posing and pouting with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth. ... read more >>

Charlie Sheen Plugging Electronic Cigarettes

(LOS ANGELES) — Actor Charlie Sheen has been seen chain-smoking onstage during his Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat Is Not an Option Tour — and pretty much everywhere else, as well — and now he’s apparently found a way to get paid for it. Sheen has teamed up with the producers of a so-called e-cigarette manufacturer to create NicoSheen, a warlock-branded version of the plug-in smoking devices which are being sold as healthier alternatives to regular cigarettes. ... read more >>

Demi Moore and Bruce Willis’s daughter Tallulah, 17, gets police warning over alcohol possession

Tallulah Belle Willis, the youngest daughter of superstar actors Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, has had a close encounter with Los Angeles Police. The 17-year-old and two of her girlfriends were reportedly spotted by officers late last night in Hollywood, carrying what looked like two bottles of alcohol. ... read more >>

Nicolas Cage chomps on a cigar as he returns to work days after arrest for ‘assaulting his wife’

It was business at usual for Nicholas Cage today as he returned to work just days after his arrest for domestic abuse, public intoxication and disturbing the peace. The actor was back on the New Orleans set of his forthcoming movie Medallion, looking remarkably relaxed, considering the events of the past few days. Cage, 47, even smoked a cigar as he sat on a deckchair reading a script during a break in filming. ... read more >>

Charlie Sheen’s third ‘goddess’ joins his harem of blondes on tour

Charlie Sheen’s secret third ‘goddess’ has been pictured with the actor for the first time. Megan Levant, 26, joined the Two And A Half Men – and his two other girlfriends – on his controversial Torpedo of Truth live tour. The foursome partied until the early hours after his Chicago show on Saturday night with other friends and fans. ... read more >>

Salma Hayek’s promise to quit smoking goes up in flames as she gets her nicotine fix on set

She vowed to give up smoking four years ago, but Salma Hayek still hasn’t quit her bad habit.The actress was spotted lighting up a cigarette while on the set of her new film, Here Comes The Boom. Hayek is in Boston filming the movie and while walking around the location yesterday could not resist a nicotine fix. ... read more >>

Russell Crowe goes for a work-out on his bike – but stops for a cigarette break outside a café

He made his name as the toned warring Gladiator out for vengeance – but Russell Crowe doesn’t seem to be winning the battle of his burgeoning belly right now. The Robin Hood star was snapped out in the sun in Sydney getting some exercise on his bike yesterday – but it wasn’t long before he’d stopped at a café for a cigarette break. ... read more >>

Rugby training Mickey Rourke style: Intense workout, lunch… and then a cigarette

He pulled off being a wrestler in the 2008 film and now Mickey Rourke is set to morph into a rugby player for his upcoming role. But his workout regime is one not attempted by most athletes, which saw him follow up his training with a cigarette. The 58-year-old Oscar nominated actor was spotted in his spandex Nike running leggings and Roots Canada hoodie while working out in New York City’s Central Park. ... read more >>

Lindsay Lohan was face down on a pavement after a night out at a bar with friends

Lindsay Lohan was spotted on the Lower East Side last night doing two things one only does when intoxicated: pressing her face against the city’s sidewalks, and smoking down Parliament after Parliament. Lindsay Lohan spent last night stumbling around and face-first on a New York pavement after a night out at a bar with friends. But she looked decidedly steadier on her feet tonight as she strutted the red carpet at a screening in the Big Apple. Lohan looked fresher-faced and looked good in an abstract patterned shift dress which she paired with dark tights and chunky jewellery. ... read more >>

Celebrity Quotes: Tobacco Addiction, Weed and Jail!

Browse our collection of some of the funniest, strangest and dumbest celebrity quotes from today’s most popular celebs. We’ll start with Martin Sheen, the father of emotionally disturbed Charlie Sheen, who was speaking with a reporter when asked about his son and what he think might benefit the actor. He replied: “Faith can help all of us. Addiction is the dark side. It’s a reflection of despair. And it’s fed by all the other negativity.” ... read more >>

Jude Law and Lily Cole leave seedy Soho club 10 minutes apart to quash dating rumours

They’ve been linked together several times over recent weeks and last night Jude Law and Lily Cole were both spotted once again at London nightclub The Box. But as they try to quash speculation that they’ve rekindled their romance, Jude Law left the club on his own, just ten minutes before Lily emerged. ... read more >>