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China’s New Indoor Smoking Ban Takes Effect

China’s latest push to ban smoking in indoor public venues came into effect Sunday, but the vaguely defined expanded rules were not expected to dramatically reduce the country’s heavy tobacco addiction. Smoking, which is linked to the deaths of at least 1 million people in China every year, is one of the greatest health threats the country faces, government statistics show. Nearly 30 percent of adults in China smoke, about 300 million people — a number roughly equal to the entire U.S. population. ... read more >>

‘Four-year-old children’ smoking on train: Video causes outrage in China

A video of two children smoking cigarettes on a train has sparked fresh debate about the scale of China’s tobacco habit. The short video shows two young boys – aged approximately three to four years old – laughing as they puff away, with one blowing smoke into the others face. When one surprised passenger asks ‘Does he know how to smoke?’, another replies, ‘Yes, you see he can inhale!’, according to the website ... read more >>

Countdown to indoor smoking ban

Beijing – A smoking ban at all indoor public venues on the Chinese mainland will take effect on May 1, the Ministry of Health said, though specific penalties or responsibilities for enforcement have not been set. In a document released on Tuesday, the ministry for the first time included detailed anti-smoking rules: no-smoking signs must be displayed, outdoor smoking areas should not affect pedestrian traffic, and no vending machines will sell cigarettes. ... read more >>

Chinese come to their Cuban comrades’ rescue by lighting up cigars

Winston Churchill and Fidel Castro fed the mystique, but it is Chinese smokers who could ultimately save the Cuban cigar. Demand from China’s expanding economic elite has sparked optimism in an industry that risked being extinguished by recession and anti-smoking laws around the world. ... read more >>

Chinese Government Curbs Movie Smoking

You may have noticed the MPAA started including smoking on their reasons for a particular rating. The brouhaha surrounding that decision has died down a bit, largely because tobacco use is now twenty percent as offensive to the American public as drunk driving, but in a lot of other countries where smoking is much more prevalent, this is still a hot button issue. No country in the world purchases more cigarettes than China, and after a new study showed Chinese children are more likely to smoke after seeing movie stars do it, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television has decided to lay down the law. ... read more >>

Smoking All the Profits

Forget the Marlboro man: China is the world’s cigarette king. The mainland produces—and consumes—more tobacco products than any other country in the world. The China National Tobacco Corporation (CNTC), the state-run cash cow that holds an effective monopoly on the industry, is a source of good business for the party: in 2010, Big Tobacco paid 498.85 billion yuan (around $75 billion) in taxes to the Chinese government, according to the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration. More than 300 million Chinese adults smoke—among them more than half of all Chinese men. In 2009, the CNTC says, it produced a whopping 2.3 trillion cigarettes. ... read more >>

HK book printer turns to cigarette packets

A sign of the times? A Hong Kong company has announced it will diversify away from the high arts of literature to the low art of selling cigarettes for the growing number of Chinese smokers. Hong Kong-listed CT Holdings announced on Wednesday that it will acquire cigarette package maker Brilliant Circle Holdings (BCH) for HK$2.4 billion, in order to offset slowing demand for books in the developed world. ... read more >>

Challenges, hope ahead for tobacco industry

CHATHAM — As domestic cigarette consumption and production declines, local farmers hope overseas demand will enable them to grow more tobacco, but they worry if they’ll get the price they need to cover their expenses. About 165 people attended the annual flue-cured tobacco production meeting at Chatham High School on Thursday night. ... read more >>

China tobacco industry pays 605 bln yuan in taxes in 2010

China’s tobacco industry paid 604.55 billion yuan (93 billion U.S. dollars) in taxes last year, up 16.95 percent year on year, the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration (STMA) said Tuesday. Also, the industry handed over 498.85 billion yuan in profits to the government in 2010, up 21.2 percent from one year earlier, said the head of the STMA, Jiang Chengkang. ... read more >>

Beyond Smoking Scenes on China’s TV Screens

Smoking pipes, tobacco threads, cigarettes, and dazzling smoking gestures, which are commonly seen on China’s TV screens, have emerged as a clear concern for many supporters of tobacco control. Xinhua reporters, while monitoring seven Chinese television channels, spotted 49 screen shots of smoking from four TV series being aired from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. on Jan. 4. ... read more >>

Tobacco control necessary

More must be done to meet the obligations of the WHO Framework Convention and reduce secondhand smoking. Sunday marked the fifth anniversary of China’s ratification of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. The treaty requires a comprehensive ban on tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship, and prohibits smoking in the workplace and public places. But China has failed to meet the goals it agreed to. China is the world’s largest producer and consumer of tobacco. It is estimated that approximately one in every three cigarettes smoked globally is made and consumed in China. ... read more >>