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Tobacco giants launch UK plain packaging challenge

Four of the world’s largest tobacco companies will on Thursday mount a court challenge over UK government plans to introduce plain packaging for cigarettes. ... read more >>

Cigarettes could get plain packaging by 2015

Cigarettes could be sold only in plain packets after a government U-turn on a major public health policy that previously appeared to have been dropped. ... read more >>

New warnings on cigarettes

The Food and Drug Administration is working to complete the rules for labeling of cigarette packages under the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act, or simply the Tobacco Control Act. The act requires cigarette packages and advertisements to have larger and more visible graphic health warnings. ... read more >>

Health minister clashes with provinces over cigarette labels

A federal government meeting log shows that Ottawa met with a tobacco company to discuss “suspended regulatory projects” months before it told provincial health officials and anti-tobacco advocates that it was going to hold off requiring warning labels on cigarette packages to be larger and more grotesque. The log was among documents provided by Health Canada to a Parliamentary committee that has been probing the government’s anti-tobacco strategy. Health Canada was on the offensive on Thursday after the details of the meetings with stakeholders in the log led to accusations that it was influenced in its decisions by the tobacco industry. ... read more >>

FDA to require graphic warnings on cigarette packages, ads

In the first major change to cigarette packaging in a quarter-century, the Food and Drug Administration said Wednesday it would require graphic warning labels that cover half a package’s front and rear and the top 20% of all cigarette ads. The labels will feature either drawings or photos illustrating graphically the dangers associated with smoking and will be accompanied by text stating that smoking is addictive or that it kills. ... read more >>

Coffin nails

Health advocates in Kentucky should follow the lead of the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act. The new law will require cigarette packages to carry graphic pictures of disease caused by smoking, accompanied by stark warnings such as “Smoking can kill you,” just in case the consumer didn’t understand the picture. ... read more >>

Cigarettes To Have Larger, More Graphic Warning Labels

EL PASO, Texas — The written warning label printed on cigarette packages will be replaced with a much larger label that shows graphic images of smoking‘s side effects. ... read more >>

Editorial: New tobacco laws redundant — but needed

The Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act, signed into law yesterday in a historic move by President Obama, gives the Food and Drug Administration more power then ever before to regulate the tobacco industry. ... read more >>