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High alcohol, cigarette taxes in Turkey promote smuggling, fraud

Smuggling and fraud involving alcoholic drinks and cigarettes is growing rapidly in Turkey, recent inspections by the country’s Revenues Administration have revealed. The number of cigarettes without a tax label has doubled in one year, hurting tax revenues, the official data gathered by the Anatolia news agency showed. ... read more >>

Want to save lives? Hike cigarette taxes

When cigarette taxes are raised, smoking declines while tax revenues increases – a win-win situation. In March 2009, parliament discussed proposals to increase tobacco excise tax from Hr 1 to Hr 2 per pack of 20 cigarettes. Representatives of transnational tobacco companies were very critical about the proposals and alleged that Ukrainians would not smoke less, but would just switch to cheaper smuggled cigarettes while government revenues would decline. ... read more >>

Much at stake in roll-your-own suit

BROOKLINE, N.H. – With a clunky rumble, the 4-foot-tall wooden contraption worked its magic, turning loose tobacco and rolling papers into tightly packed smokes. One after another, they slid down a metal chute into a waiting carton. ... read more >>