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Bat Calls for Review of Cigarette Tax

BRITISH American Tobacco Company has faulted the recently introduced tier based excise tax regime on cigarettes saying it is not sustainable for the industry and should be revised. Speaking during the company’s 59th annual general meeting in Nairobi yesterday, the firms management expressed concern over the impact the current excise tax regime could have on its business in the long term. “We need the government to have a clear sustainable position on excise tax. The idea of changing the structure six months after budget reading in December makes it difficult for businesses to forecast,” noted BAT Managing Director Gary Fagan. ... read more >>

Bill seeks $1.50 hike in Maine cigarette tax

AUGUSTA, Maine — A bill to increase Maine’s cigarette tax by $1.50 per pack to $3.50 has encountered opposition in the State House from convenience stores, grocers and other businesses that deal with tobacco. The Taxation Committee on Wednesday took up a bill supporters see as a way to help discourage young people from smoking. Money from the tax increase would help fund the operation of a tobacco help line. ... read more >>

Treasury to cut duty-free tobacco guidelines in £2bn tax clawback effort

The number of cigarettes holidaymakers may bring back from Europe without attracting questions from Customs officials is to be cut by more than two-thirds as part of a Treasury attempt to claw back some of the £2.2bn in tax lost to tobacco smuggling every year. The proposed change, which sets a guideline limit of 800 cigarettes and 1kg of rolling tobacco, will reignite a battle with campaigners such as smokers’ rights group Forest. Simon Clark, director of Forest, described the move as “shocking”, noting that current limits of up to 3,200 cigarettes and 3kg of rolling tobacco were set in 2002 after an attempt to clamp down further met with outrage and legal challenges. ... read more >>

Turn detective on dodgy drink and cigarette dealers

Bargain hunters trawling Easter car boot sales in Cambridgeshire have been urged to turn detective. HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) is urging shoppers to be on the lookout for traders selling counterfeit and smuggled cigarettes and alcohol at rock bottom prices. Expertly crafted packaging makes it almost impossible to spot whether cheap tobacco and alcohol products are counterfeit. ... read more >>

Bringing cigarette-tax stamps back would raise money, fight crime

Legislators are trying once again to curb cigarette smuggling, both into and out of North Carolina, by re-establishing a stamp on cigarette packs. This year, the odds look better than in the past, and that is good. North Carolina has long had one of the lowest state cigarette taxes. Because of that, organized crime and terrorist organizations have bought cigarettes here and resold them illegally in high-tax states. In recent years, cigarettes have also been smuggled into North Carolina, costing the state tax revenue. ... read more >>

Labour blames Govt for inflation rise

The Government should take some responsibility for the 4.5 percent rise in prices, Labour says. Figures out yesterday showed inflation reached 4.5 percent in the March year. The rise in GST accounted for 2.3 percent of that rise while cigarette and tobacco prices rose 9.4 per cent in the March 2011 quarter, and petrol prices rose almost 10 percent. ... read more >>

Trade group against cigarette tax

The Virginia Wholesalers and Distributors Association is the statewide business trade group representing food, beverage and tobacco wholesalers in Virginia. VWDA members are licensed tobacco tax agents for the commonwealth who collect and enforce all of Virginia’s tobacco tax laws, as well as the Master Settlement Agreement. ... read more >>

Lawmakers propose 70-cent cigarette tax hike

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — A group of lawmakers, including Senate President Joel Chaisson, is pushing to boost cigarette taxes by 70 cents per pack, with similar increases for cigars and chewing tobacco. The change would increase the state tax on cigarettes from 36 cents per pack to $1.06. ... read more >>

Budget cutters jettison cigarette tax hike

BOISE — In recent days, Rep. Cameron Wheeler has fielded numerous phone calls from voters in his eastern Idaho district that took him a little off guard. “They told me, ‘Vote for the cigarette tax increase,’” said Wheeler, R-Ririe, of the callers’ message. “I told them, ‘There isn’t anything to vote for.’ “ The people lighting up Wheeler’s House floor phone’s display panel were responding to full-page newspaper ads — in Boise, Idaho Falls, Nampa and Twin Falls last week — from a coalition of anti-smoking groups that have been pushing the proposed $1.25 per pack cigarette tax hike since before the 2011 session began in January. ... read more >>

Quake sparks cigarette shortage in northeast Japan

The earthquake and tsunami that devastated northeast Japan this month have left some parts of the region without cigarettes, Japan Tobacco Inc said on Wednesday, a blow to smokers in a country where the habit is still popular. A spokesman for the company told Reuters that some of its distribution centers in the region had been hit by the disasters, and some brands were out of stock in some regions. ... read more >>

Lawmakers may double state’s cigarette tax

Georgia lawmakers are considering a plan that would nearly double the state’s tax on cigarettes. Smokers and store owners are concerned, but health advocates are pushing for more. As part of its efforts to overhaul Georgia’s antiquated tax code, the Special Council on Tax Reform and Fairness for Georgians recommended an increase in cigarette taxes from 37 cents to 68 cents per pack. ... read more >>