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Customs Foils Two Bids To Smuggle Liquor, Cigarettes

Bandar Seri Begawan – Customs officers from the Sungai Tujoh Control Post foiled an attempt to smuggle over 20 cartons of cigarettes into the country earlier this week. According to a report from the Customs Prevention Unit in Belait, a 42-year-old Malaysian was caught smuggling 29 cartons of cigarettes of various brands in a four seater vehicle on April 25 (Monday) at the Sungai Tujoh Control Post. ... read more >>

Bringing cigarette-tax stamps back would raise money, fight crime

Legislators are trying once again to curb cigarette smuggling, both into and out of North Carolina, by re-establishing a stamp on cigarette packs. This year, the odds look better than in the past, and that is good. North Carolina has long had one of the lowest state cigarette taxes. Because of that, organized crime and terrorist organizations have bought cigarettes here and resold them illegally in high-tax states. In recent years, cigarettes have also been smuggled into North Carolina, costing the state tax revenue. ... read more >>

BAT says Mexico’s tax hike on cigarettes spurs pirate brands

Mexico City – British American Tobacco Plc said Tuesday that the recent increase in Mexico’s cigarette tax opened the door to around 100 illegal brands. “As we expected, in just three months more than 100 pirate brands appeared that do not comply with the minimum requirements of the law – judging by their price of under 25 pesos ($2) for a pack of 20 cigarettes, we doubt their ‘legality,'” BAT said in a communique to Mexican lawmakers. ... read more >>

Cigarette-selling ice-cream truck turns heads at Port Chester border

PORT CHESTER — The former ice-cream truck parked at a local gas station doesn’t play a jingle and doesn’t offer sprinkles. It sells packs of cigarettes — ID required. A month ago, in response to a cigarette tax increase in New York, the Sunoco station on West Putnam Avenue moved its packs off the shelves and across the parking lot, just over the Connecticut state line. What sold for $10.12 a pack inside the store sells for $8.50 from the shop-on-wheels, manager Farooq Mahammad said. ... read more >>

Police say arrest thwarts plans for more robberies

Two men have been arrested after a shop in the small Coromandel settlement of Te Puru was robbed at gunpoint on Saturday and police believe they have thwarted plans for further armed robberies. During the robbery at the Boomerang Store, north of Thames, a woman was grabbed by the throat by a youth armed with a pistol before the robber made off with tobacco, said police. ... read more >>

Tobacco and alcohol seized from Flint and Chester in operation

ALMOST 20,000 cigarettes, 165 litres of alcohol and 31 kilos of tobacco were seized after operations were carried out in Flint, Chester and the rest of the region. HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) carried out the exercise in North Wales last week. Officers found almost 15,000 smuggled cigarettes and 6.7 kilos of tobacco in a house in Chester and illegally smuggled alcohol and tobacco products were found in Flint. ... read more >>

Thomasville man charged in cigarette scheme worth millions

A cigarette scheme that the U.S. Department of Justice says profited five individuals more than $2.4 million has led to the federal indictment of a Thomasville man, the office of U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of North Carolina George E.B. Holding on Monday. Nabil Nafiz Mustafa, 26, of Thomasville, was charged with three other men from the Eastern part of the state and one from New York after an alleged scheme to illegally trade and transport large quantities of cigarettes was unveiled. The investigation was done in combination with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives; the N.C. Division of Alcohol Law Enforcement; and the Zebulon Police Department. ... read more >>

Tobacco mfg companies raided in Kanpur

The Commercial Tax Department of Uttar Pradesh government on Sunday raided the premises of several tobacco manufacturing companies in the city on charges of evading taxes worth crores of rupees. The raids were conducted on eight tobacco companies after a report claimed that they had been evading commercial taxes worth crores of rupees, Additional Commissioner of Special Investigation Branch of Commercial Tax Department, Satrughan Upadhyay alleged, adding that around 100 officials of the department were present during the raids. ... read more >>

Thailand appeals WTO ruling on cigar case vs Philippines

MANILA, Philippines – Thailand has filed for partial appeal on Tuesday over the WTO panel ruling which found the country guilty of violating customs valuation agreement and transparency rules by charging Philippine cigarettes higher taxes its locally manufactured cigarettes and was ordered to conform with the rules of the multilateral trading body. ... read more >>

3 men arrested for tax evasion, money laundering

VILLE PLATTE, La. (AP) – Three men have been arrested for allegedly taking part in a tax evasion and money laundering scheme. Louisiana Alcohol and Tobacco Control says Adham Salam of Ville Platte and Anwar Hadaba and Frank Fletcher, both of Alexandria, were arrested Wednesday on charges related to tax evasion, fraud and money laundering. ... read more >>

Illegal Tobacco Products Cost New York $20M a Month

The illicit tobacco market is extending very fast on the morrow of tax hikes which make New York tobacco products the most expensive in the nation. Illicit tobacco products are coming into neighborhood bodegas from neighboring Indian reservations and even from China. According to governmental officials New York state is smoked out of $20 million a month from all these illicit tobacco products purchases. ... read more >>