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E-cigarettes: Scottish health group calls for ban

The Royal Environmental Health Institute for Scotland (REHIS) has also asked ministers to prohibit the sale of e-cigarettes to anyone under the age of 18.E-cigarettes, which generate a vapour containing nicotine as a tobacco substitute, were initially released as a device to help smokers quit, but the REHIS fears the huge rise in users could normalise smoking, and undo decades of anti-smoking education and campaigning.The warnings follow research suggesting e-cigarettes may be encouraging people to take up smoking. ... read more >>

FDA: e-cigarettes to face same regulations as tobacco products

WINSTON-SALEM (MCT) — Electronic cigarettes will be regulated as tobacco products, and not drug-delivery devices, the Food and Drug Administration said Monday. The agency’s decision was a signal that it would not appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court last year’s decision by a federal appeals court. The FDA had wanted the ability to treat electronic cigarettes as drug-delivery devices — thus subject to stricter regulations — because e-cigarettes heat nicotine extracted from tobacco. But it lost the case. ... read more >>

City, County Roll Out Minor Ban On E-Cigarettes

Banning the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors was personal for Spokane County commissioners Tuesday. Each reached into his past for an explanation of the unanimous vote to stop anyone younger than 18 from purchasing or possessing the unregulated cigarette substitutes. So-called “e-cigarettes” vaporize a small vial of nicotine without other toxic substances found in cigarettes. ... read more >>

Johnson Creek company welcomes FDA regulation of e-cigarettes

A Wisconsin company that makes solutions used in electronic cigarettes says it welcomes regulation and doesn’t think the Food and Drug Administration’s warning letter will hurt sales. The FDA said Thursday it sent warning letters to five companies that make e-cigarettes or components for the plastic and metal devices that heat a liquid nicotine solution in a disposable cartridge, creating vapor that the “smoker” inhales. ... read more >>

E-Cigarettes Spark New Smoking War

Victoria Vasconcellos, the petite founder of an Internet retailer in this Chicago suburb, is in the thick of a regulatory battle that could affect millions of American cigarette smokers. Ms. Vasconcellos imports electronic cigarettes from a Chinese manufacturer and sells them on her website,, to 14,000 customers. ... read more >>

Are e-cigarettes safe to use?

Sharon Bosworth is running out of ways to break the grip of the cigarette. Suffering from emphysema, the 51-year-old Overland Park, Kan., woman has tried gum, the patch and classes on how to give up smoking. Now she is turning to a cigarette for the 21st century, one that relies on electricity, batteries and liquid nicotine instead of matches, fire and tobacco. ... read more >>

Attorney General Warns of E-Cigarette Dangers Citing Recent FDA Analysis Finding Carcinogens and Antifreeze

Attorney General Richard Blumenthal today issued a consumer warning urging consumers and retailers to avoid e-cigarettes in the wake of a recent Food and Drug Administration (FDA) analysis finding cancer-causing chemicals and an antifreeze ingredient in some of the devices. ... read more >>

Is The FDA Blowing Smoke On E Cigarettes, Or Is Their Fight Dissipating Like Vapor?

As the FDA put out a news release concerning its stance on electronic cigarette products a few weeks ago, the administration only tested two different brands. What many e-cigarette users say is important about these brands is that they are made by the two manufacturers currently suing the FDA in federal court, Smoking Everywhere and Njoy. ... read more >>

FDA: Electronic cigarettes are a no-no

Here’s an item that you shouldn’t include in your ever-growing arsenal of electronic devices, including cellphones, iPods, PDAs, GPS trackers and laptops: the e-cigarette. The Food and Drug Administration today released an analysis of 19 varieties of electronic cigarettes that says that half contained nitrosamines (the same carcinogen found in real cigarettes) and that many contained diethylene glycol, the poisonous ingredient in antifreeze. Some that claimed to have no nicotine were found to have low levels of the drug. ... read more >>