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Smoke on the water

The liquid inside a hookah is generally made by blending fresh dark leaves, fruit pulp, honey or molasses, and glycerin. Also, available in a wide variety of flavours, smokers experiment by adding ice, fruit juice, milk, red bull or even wine to water in the glass vase in order to change the taste, texture, or effect of the smoke. “All flavours are inspired by different substances and basically have tobacco, in which you add fruit flavours. There are also flavours that include pan or ones like coffee which are not fruit-based,” says Joey, a graduate, who goes on to explain, “I like sheesha because it calms me down. It’s very relaxing.” ... read more >>

Vermont town says it can’t allow ‘hookah lounge’

BRATTLEBORO, Vt. (AP) – A University of Massachusetts graduate student says he might revive his idea of opening a “hookah lounge” in the Vermont town of Brattleboro where people would be able to smoke herbal tobacco. Doctoral student Mohammed Elghoul had considered opening a hookah lounge in the Bay State, but local health boards there turned him down. ... read more >>

Hookah Lounge Plans Go Up in Smoke

A plan to bring a hookah lounge to Tolland went up in smoke Monday night. The owner of New Haven’s Mediterranea wanted to set up shop near UConn. The goal was to offer a place where people can come have a communal smoke of a hookah, which is filled with tobacco, fruit and honey. ... read more >>

Hooked on hookah in Moscow

Hookah smoking – or sheesha smoking, as it is known in the Arab world and beyond – started growing fashionable in Russia at the beginning of the 2000s, though the tradition is part of the history of the Soviet Union. In former Soviet republics such as Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan, the hookah was part of everyday life. ... read more >>

Indoor smoking law hazy about hookah

Nathan Porter sucks in a mixture of tobacco, molasses and strawberries through a water pipe and into his lungs. The owner of the Huka Bar & Grill exhales and the smoke smells faintly of fruit, then disappears. “We can get all these lit up,” he gestures to the dozens of hookah pipes sitting at each table in the large room, “but you’re not going to see this cloud of smoke.” ... read more >>

The growing fame of Hookah: is it good or bad for public health

The rapidly growing popularity of hookah pipes among Canadian younger adults is a joy for hookah bar owners and curse for public health advocates. Hookah pipe, an ancient tradition originated in the Middle East many centuries ago, has regained a second life in the Western world recently, as Hookah bars are popping everywhere and are packed with patrons. ... read more >>

Mich. hookah fanciers fume about smoking ban

The main thoroughfares of this Detroit suburb, like those of many Michigan cities, aren’t as busy as they used to be. Thousands of jobs shed locally by the Ford Motor Co. have forced smaller businesses to shutter and left fewer customers for those that remain. Yet there is one bright spot – a bustling stretch of Warren Avenue where Mideastern-style cafes, markets and shops provide a taste of Beirut or Damascus for one of the largest Arab-American communities in the nation. ... read more >>

Hookah bar resolves smoking ban dispute

The Juggling Gypsy signed a consent agreement with the New Hanover County health department this week resolving the remaining smoking ban violations against the Castle Street hookah bar. The agreement means the Juggling Gypsy will not have to pay two separate $200 fines that were pending against it. ... read more >>

Two more restaurants proposed for Valpo

The city could be getting its second hookah lounge and its first indoor hot dog cart in the next couple of months. Valparaiso’s site review committee will review plans for a Mediterranean restaurant, tentatively called Arabian Nights, at its meeting Tuesday along with plans for Cruzn Dogs. The first would be located in the new retail space in the Uptown East apartment complex on Lincolnway while the latter would be on Indiana Avenue across from the new downtown park. ... read more >>

Should hookah lounges be exempt from Columbia’s smoking ordinance?

On Friday, a new element to the smoking issue was introduced in Columbia. Located at 32 N. Ninth St., 9th Street Hookah Lounge opened its doors to the public. The city has a 3-year-old smoking ban, but the hookah lounge is exempt from it because it sells tobacco and tobacco accessories as its main retail products. ... read more >>

Setting down their cigarettes, teenagers take up the hookah

Ryan Baucom, the co-owner of a downtown Sarasota nightspot that caters to the 18-25 crowd, has turned to an old custom to attract young customers. At The Box Social club, Baucom recently started renting out a hookah. Business is so good he plans to buy another. “It’s becoming more and more popular,” he said. In higher numbers than those who frequently smoke cigarettes, teenagers are trying hookahs: water pipes from the Middle East that use coals to burn flavored tobacco. ... read more >>