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Kick Butts day aims to keep kids away from tobacco

Abbie Miller said she is looking forward to helping students avoid using tobacco by her participation in Kick Butts Day on Wednesday. The Hilldale eighth-grader is a member of Students Working Against Tobacco, an organization holding a variety of anti-tobacco events that day. Event organizers estimate that a minimum of 300 to 500 students in several area schools will hear the Kick Butts Day message. ... read more >>

Association of Smoking Onset With R-Rated Movie Restrictions and Adolescent Sensation Seeking

Kids whose parents let them watch R-rated movies may be up to three times more likely to start smoking compared to their more restricted peers, according to a new study. The Dutch and U.S. researchers suggest that parents’ leniency regarding movies could trigger smoking both by exposing kids to actors showcasing the habit and by simply opening the door to more thrill-seeking risky behaviours. ... read more >>

Are video games bad for kids? Not so much, study says

Parents may not like how much their teens play video or computer games, but gaming appears to be harmless for most kids, a new Yale University study suggests. The survey of 4,028 teens found that playing video games didn’t lead to unhealthy behaviors in boys, who accounted for the majority of gamers in the study. But 5% who reported “problematic” or addictive gaming habits were more likely to smoke cigarettes, use drugs and get into serious fights. Check out the full study, published Tuesday in the journal Pediatrics. ... read more >>

When Parents Smoke, Kids’ Weight, Behavior May Suffer

Two new studies suggest there’s a connection between parents who smoke and kids who are heavier or misbehave more than other children.The researchers haven’t definitively proven that lighting up puts kids at risk for bad behavior and extra pounds. In fact, it may be impossible to ever prove a cause-and-effect because it’s considered unethical to assign some parents to smoke and then see what happens. ... read more >>

Middle school kids who watch R-rated movies more likely to drink alcohol at an early age: study

Parents should heed movie rating recommendations if they want to keep their kids from experimenting with alcohol, a new study suggests. Middle school-age children allowed to watch R-rated movies were more likely to start drinking alcohol in their early teens than those whose parents were more restrictive, according to research from Dartmouth Medical School published in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs. ... read more >>

Are Kids More Likely To Smoke Menthol Cigarettes?

The regulation of tobacco is now a reality. Today marks the first public meeting of the Food and Drug Administration’s advisory panel set up to deal with complex scientific issues involving tobacco. Last year, legislation was enacted that for the first time authorized the FDA to regulate cigarettes and other tobacco products. One of its first charges is to answer the question – does menthol make cigarettes more harmful? ... read more >>

FDA concerned dissolvable tobacco appeals to kids

The Food and Drug Administration is saying in letters to two tobacco companies that flavored, dissolvable tobacco products – that the agency compares with candy and says contain a lot of nicotine – could be particularly appealing to kids and young adults. The FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products wrote to R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co., maker of Camel cigarettes, and the smaller Star Scientific Inc. on Monday voicing concern over smokeless products that are consumed like breath mints but made from finely milled tobacco. ... read more >>

Films have a major influence on whether kids will smoke

Regarding “State Slashed Tobacco Prevention Funding” (Dec. 10): While states like Pennsylvania are spending less on tobacco control, they’re spending more to subsidize film productions with smoking. These films are proven to recruit hundreds of thousands of teens to smoke. A recent report from the University of California, San Francisco, found that states recently began spending an estimated $830 million on films with smoking — well above spending on tobacco control — including $500 million on kid-rated films with smoking. ... read more >>

Dangers Of Smoking Displayed At Amway Arena

People got an ugly look at the dangers of smoking Monday. The group Tobacco Free Florida set up shop outside Amway Arena to tell fans not to smoke. They took pictures to show how they’d look in 20 years if they keep using cigarettes. Volunteers travel across Florida to spread their message.They play games and give out T-shirts, but said sometimes seeing is believing to get people to quit. ... read more >>

Kids Heed Government’s Call to Smoke Menthols

Earlier this year, the US government banned “flavored” cigarettes, saving kids the shame of having to admit decades later that they used to smoke “Kauai Kolada Camels.” In the meantime, more kids than ever started smoking menthols. Health policy success! ... read more >>