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HC gives BMC six weeks to act against hookah parlours

Hookah parlours in the city now stand to lose their licenses if they don’t abide by the provisions of Cigarettes and Tobacco Products Prohibition Act and Smoking in Public Places rules. The Bombay High Court (HC) on Thursday directed the civic body to include a condition in licenses issued to eating houses, saying that any eating house not abiding by the provisions of these two acts is likely to face action. ... read more >>

Bills on herbal snuff, tobacco, alcohol advance

LITTLE ROCK — Bills aimed at keeping herbal snuff, tobacco and alcohol away from minors cleared the House Rules Committee on today. Senate Bill 69 by Sen. Jimmy Jeffress, D-Crossett, would prohibit the sale of tobacco-less products that resemble chewing tobacco to people under 18. Jeffress told the committee that Walmart already does not sell the products to children. ... read more >>

Store could lose license over sales to OCHS students

Oregon City police performed a sting operation at the store, located at 19057 Beavercreek Road, on Dec. 29 in response to a mother whose teenage son was caught with tobacco at Oregon City High School. The shop is located at 19057 Beavercreek Road, a mile from the school. An underage decoy purchased cigarettes during the sting. Police found that Cigarettes Cheaper had developed a reputation at Oregon City High School for selling tobacco without checking for identification. On two separate occasions last month, police caught students with tobacco, and the students told police that they had continued to purchase at Cigarettes Cheaper. ... read more >>

City, County Roll Out Minor Ban On E-Cigarettes

Banning the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors was personal for Spokane County commissioners Tuesday. Each reached into his past for an explanation of the unanimous vote to stop anyone younger than 18 from purchasing or possessing the unregulated cigarette substitutes. So-called “e-cigarettes” vaporize a small vial of nicotine without other toxic substances found in cigarettes. ... read more >>

Bill would bar sales of tobacco-less chew to minors

LITTLE ROCK — A bill to prohibit the sale of tobacco-less chew to minors passed today in the Senate. The vote on Senate Bill 69 by Sen. Jimmy Jeffress, D-Crossett, was 28-4. Jeffress said young children are buying the “herbal snuff” in an effort to imitate adults who use smokeless tobacco. Some senators questioned whether it was necessary to ban the sale of a product that is not habit-forming and does not cause any health problems just because some children may be using it to imitate adults who use smokeless tobacco. ... read more >>

Tobacco-control group asks Easton to join its ranks

EASTON — A tobacco-control group has asked Easton to join in the fight to curb cigarette sales to minors and limit the availability of products that contain nicotine – including some that resemble candy. Representatives from the Southeast Tobacco Control Collaborative have asked Easton’s Board of Health to join its effort, which includes banning sales of tobacco products at local pharmacies. ... read more >>

Iowa grocer now check all IDs for tobacco, booze

OTTUMWA, Iowa — Hy-Vee stores in Ottumwa have started checking the identification of everyone who buys cigarettes or beer, even people in their 70s. The checks started in November, when two grocery stores, a drugstore and a gas station began testing a new company policy of scanning everyone’s identification before they buy alcohol or tobacco. ... read more >>

A pack of initiatives to cut city smoking rates

Mayor Nutter talked about one of his Christmas wishes yesterday – reducing smoking rates in Philadelphia. Just in time for the holiday weekend, Nutter signed into law legislation that hikes the fines for merchants who sell tobacco products to minors. “We cannot allow our children to become the next generation of addicts,” Nutter said. “Smoking is not cool at all.” ... read more >>

Effects of violent video games

The U.S. Supreme Court agreed last week to hear a case on California’s attempt to restrict sales of violent video games to minors. Both the California lawmakers who approved the law in 2005 and the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals judges who overturned the law in 2009 claimed that scientific research was on their side. ... read more >>