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Woman claims addiction in tobacco lawsuit

A 77-year-old grandmother testified at the beginning of her smokers’ lawsuit trial Thursday that she would get “antsy and nervous” when she didn’t have a cigarette during the years that she smoked. Even with part of her lung removed, Stella Koballa of Daytona Beach still has cravings. She testified that she quit smoking up to two packs a day after she was diagnosed with cancer in 1996. ... read more >>

Midland County coalition taking part in Through With Chew Week

Increased use of smokeless tobacco has prompted health officials to intensify efforts to inform the public of the dangers of the product and to promote Through with Chew Week Feb. 20-26. As part of the week, the Great American Spit Out is set for Thursday, Feb. 24, providing a national day for users to commit to quit. ... read more >>

INDONESIA: Ignorance feeds cigarette habit among young

JAKARTA, 11 January 2011 (IRIN) – Indonesia has a higher percentage of young smokers than any other country, but ignorance and a powerful tobacco lobby are making it difficult to stamp out nicotine addiction, say health workers and the government. ... read more >>

New Hanover Health Dept. looks to promote healthier lifestyles by raising taxes

It’s 2011 and like everyone else the New Hanover County Health Department is looking for healthier lifestyles. The department is asking county commissioners to support a tobacco tax that could once again raise the price of cigarettes. Smoking is a habit many people admit is hard to kick. The New Hanover County Health Department is now looking to kick start a new you with a new tax on cigarettes. ... read more >>

FDA must review new, changed tobacco products

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday issued guidelines to the tobacco industry that could lead to some newer cigarettes, smokeless tobacco and roll-your-own tobacco products being removed from the market and prevent others from being introduced, if the FDA determines their ingredients and design encourage non-users to start using tobacco or make it more difficult for users to quit. ... read more >>

Lawyer: Tobacco Co. Verdict Is Significant For Mass.

BOSTON — A Suffolk Superior Court jury has reached a landmark verdict against the makers of Newport cigarettes. Jurors on Tuesday found Lorillard, Inc., liable for $71 million in the death of a 54-year-old woman. The family of Marie Evans said the company had distributed free cigarettes to her and other black children in a Roxbury housing development in the 1950s and ’60s. ... read more >>

Brown wants candy-like tobacco taken off market

To the average school nurse, teacher or security officer, they might well pass as innocent packages of breath mints. That’s a big reason “dissolvable tobacco” products such as Camel Orbs are so attractive to youths trying to pull a fast one on adults while still getting a significant hit of nicotine, says Kate King, a school nurse in central Ohio. ... read more >>

New FDA Regulations Could Change Smokers’ Habits

For decades, tobacco lobbyists fought against any kind of federal regulation of cigarettes and tobacco products — and for decades, no regulations existed. Cigarettes had less federal oversight than both pet food and makeup — in part because of a 2000 Supreme Court decision that ruled that the Food and Drug Administration was not allowed to regulate nicotine without Congressional approval. ... read more >>

The Mind Games Smokers Play When Trying to Quit Revealed in New Survey

London, UK (PRWEB) October 3, 2009 — New research results, which delve into the mind of smokers, are launched today, lifting the veil of nicotine addiction to understand the thoughts, anxieties and fears of the British smoker. The study, conducted on behalf of NiQuitin, shows that even smokers who are keen to kick the habit are torn between the benefits of giving up and the allure of cigarettes. Of the 66% who said they wanted to quit but hadn’t set a date, 61% then went on to say that they enjoyed smoking and part of them didn’t want to quit, highlighting the inner conflict of smokers. ... read more >>

Holdout smokers: Who they are and why they can’t quit

Despite high cost, it’s a stress reliever, many smokers say
A home-invasion robbery at his South Side residence foiled Keith Shannon’s attempt to quit smoking. ... read more >>