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BAT aims to set tobacco nicotine-free alight

British American Tobacco (BAT) created a unit that will seek to develop nicotine products for people wanting an alternative to cigarettes as governments globally aim to reduce smoking. Nicoventures was planning to develop tobacco-free nicotine products, BAT spokeswoman Kate Matrunola said yesterday. The unit employed four people and would discuss with regulators what sort of products might work, she said. ... read more >>

BAT to Market Tobacco-Free Nicotine Products

British American Tobacco BTI will develop tobacco-free nicotine products at its newly created Nicoventures unit in an attempt to retain revenue from smokers who wish to quit on health grounds. We regard the move as a hedge against declining rates of smoking in developed markets, and we expect the new unit to remain a very small piece of British American’s top line for several years. ... read more >>

More Youth Using Tobacco Alternatives, Survey Finds

But according to the Washington State Department of Health, the rate of students smoking cigarettes has stabilized compared to a decade ago. A state survey released this month found that the rate of youths who smoke cigarettes didn’t increase, but those who are using candy flavored or other alternative tobacco products did. ... read more >>

Electronic cigarette smokers warned of chemical dangers

Smokers using battery-powered electronic cigarettes to beat the smoking ban were warned yesterday that they are being exposed to poisonous and carcinogenic chemicals. ... read more >>

Facts About Smoking – What You Need to Know

Whether we like it or not, smoking is is here to stay and will always be part of our culture. It has been for centuries. Trying to eradicate smoking would be impossible. It has been around for to long and some simply enjoy it.Anyone who is trying to stop smoking is better off taking some time to understand a few facts about it. ... read more >>