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New brands key to unlocking market for cigarette firm

Cigarette manufacturer BAT is set to introduce new brands without nicotine in a drive to increase its sales in a market where cigarettes regulation and competition have emerged as the firm’s biggest challenges. The new brands could wean smokers off cigarettes while growing the company’s sales. BAT’s parent company has set up a subsidiary, Nicoventures, to drive the new products that are currently not available in the Kenyan market but are to be introduced at a later date. ... read more >>

Salma Hayek’s promise to quit smoking goes up in flames as she gets her nicotine fix on set

She vowed to give up smoking four years ago, but Salma Hayek still hasn’t quit her bad habit.The actress was spotted lighting up a cigarette while on the set of her new film, Here Comes The Boom. Hayek is in Boston filming the movie and while walking around the location yesterday could not resist a nicotine fix. ... read more >>

Heading for a reduced harm future? Whither the cigarette?

The main thrust of tobacco control legislation is to reduce the harm done by smoking. This has led to health warnings, smoking bans and advertising restrictions. It has also led to compulsory filters and legislation to reduce tar. Short of banning the manufacture of cigarettes, where else will it lead and what product will tobacco consumers be buying in 2050? ... read more >>

You don’t have to be a smoker for insurance companies to say you are

About four years ago, I took an insurance application for a 22-year-old named Anne. Having known Anne and her parents from church for about 20 years, I knew she was the ideal applicant: young, vibrantly healthy, a non-smoker, with no illegal drug use. We completed a health insurance application and waited for the results. A few days later the insurance company requested a paramed exam which included urinalysis. ... read more >>

Appearance Of New Tobacco Product Concerns Some

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A major tobacco company decided to test-market a new product in Charlotte, but some say the look might appeal to children. R.J. Reynolds recently started its second phase of testing on dissolvable tobacco products — sticks, strips and small pills called “orbs” that give nicotine jolts. The company chose Charlotte and Denver to see if the products will catch on. ... read more >>

Rango Smoking Controversy

The tobacco industry, with its endless evil genius campaigns to develop new addicts — the “flavored tobacco pellets,” loaded with nicotine, which look and dissolve like Tic-Tacs, for example — does not need any help luring children to its products. That’s why many health advocacy groups object to the new animated movie “Rango.” It’s chock full of smoking. ... read more >>

Tobacco firms fight proposed ad campaign

The nation’s three largest tobacco manufacturers said Thursday that the U.S. Justice Department wants them to post “inflammatory and inaccurate” statements in an advertising campaign that is “designed to shame and humiliate” them. The manufacturers — R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co., Philip Morris USA Inc. and Lorillard Tobacco Co. — were responding to a federal request that was made Feb. 4 and disclosed Feb. 23. British American Tobacco Co. Ltd. also was listed as a defendant. ... read more >>

SA to toughen anti-smoking laws

Councils will be given more power to ban smoking in public areas under measures announced by the South Australian Government. From next year, smoking will also be outlawed in under covered waiting areas for public transport and taxis and within 10 metres of playgrounds. SA Health Minister John Hill has warned the hospitality industry needs to prepare for the possibility of smoke-free outdoor dining and drinking areas by 2016. ... read more >>

Mushroom growth of shisha-smoking attracting youth in twin cities

ISLAMABAD — Shisha smoking, a new way of addiction, is spreading among youth in the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi and this mushroom growth of modern smoking is attracting the under-age youth rapidly.Shisha cafes, constructed in most modern way are attracting the college and university students as they smoke freely at these cafes without any pressure from their elder ones. ... read more >>

Flavored tobacco use should be open to choice – by adults

Public health advocates have squared off against retail business owners over a Senate bill that would ban the sale of some flavored tobacco products. Advocates say flavored tobacco is a means of hooking young smokers. Washington tobacco retailers argue that they have enough regulations to cope with and that the state should focus on existing laws that prohibit anyone under the age of 18 from buying tobacco. They say a ban on flavored tobacco will cripple their businesses. ... read more >>

Cost of smoking: You’re fired

As the Monty Python proverb goes, “Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!” Except maybe smokers. Since Reader’s Digest published “Cancer by the Carton” in 1952, the Spanish Inquisition is exactly what the tobacco world has grown to expect. Smokers at ASU are all too familiar with this idea. Last spring, Tempe’s Undergraduate Student Government attempted to make the University a smoke-free campus. ... read more >>