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Yankton’s Parks Are Tobacco-Free

The City of Yankton and the Yankton Tobacco Education Coalition reminds all citizens that the Yankton Parks are tobacco-free. In 2006, the Yankton Tobacco Education Coalition asked the City Commission to support a tobacco-free parks policy. The commission unanimously voted in favor of this policy. ... read more >>

NYC Smoking Ban: City Council Votes To Ban Smoking In Parks, Beaches And Times Square

New York City has passed a total ban on smoking in its public parks, beaches and plazas. The City Council passed the ban 36 to 12 as furious opponents argued it was an infringement on civil liberties. But officials admitted the ban will have to be largely self-policed, leaving its efficacy entirely in the hands of vigilant New Yorkers. The ban is the latest proposal from New York mayor Michael Bloomberg as he attempts to crack down on bad habits in the city. ... read more >>

Raleigh moves closer to parks smoking ban

RALEIGH — The city is one step closer to banning smoking in public parks. The Raleigh City Council on Tuesday voted 6-2 to craft a no-smoking ordinance, which it will vote on later. If approved, the ordinance would forbid smoking incity-owned parks and greenways, but allow it in Nash Square and Moore Square downtown. Both of those parks are owned by the state but operated by the city. Officials said they act more like gathering places than normal parks. ... read more >>