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UK Passes Law to Require Plain Cigarette Packaging in England

The UK’s House of Lords has approved a bill to standardise cigarette packaging in England from May 2016, making it the third and most populous country to introduce such a law. However, tobacco companies vowed to fight the law, saying they would take legal action against the government. ... read more >>

Trademark rights to extinguish plain packaging bill?

The content of the government’s release on the draft plain packaging Bill offers few surprises. The government thinks stripping tobacco products of any branding will cut smoking rates as part of a basket of anti-tobacco measures, they’ve picked the colour (an allegedly offensive olive green), and the already garish health warnings are going to extend from just the lip to most of the front packet. ... read more >>

Plain cigarette packs to ‘only show death and disease’

Australia will become the first country in the world to require tobacco products to be sold in plain packaging, to reduce their appeal to consumers. Federal Health Minister Nicola Roxon today released the government’s proposed legislation for the initiative as it continues the fight to reduce smoking related deaths in the community. ... read more >>

Smokers should not be forced out of hospitals

The government is proposing its next phase of tobacco control: plain packaging for cigarette packets. It is a controversial move, not least as it will be easier for criminal gangs to replicate packets to look authentic, prompting fears that illicit cigarette distribution levels may increase. Some campaigners would also like to see smoking outside pubs, restaurants and other public places banned. ... read more >>