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E-cigarettes not linked to quitting smoking

Some smokers are turning to e-cigarettes as an alternative to traditional cigarettes. Now, a new study looks at whether e-cigarettes may be an effective way to stop or reduce smoking. ... read more >>

Lindsay Lohan asked to quit smoking

Lindsay Lohan has quit smoking — a great move for her health … whether there’s a jail sentence for probation violation on her horizon … or not (as she continues to believe). Lynwood Correctional Facility, a place with which she’s sadly familiar, is a non-smoking detention center. Yep, no cigs in the can. It’s a changing world. ... read more >>

14 years ‘plenty of time’ to quit smoking

A warning to New Zealand’s 600,000 smokers: The Government has committed to making the country smokefree by 2025. Its “get tough” plan includes the laws around the promoting and packaging of tobacco products. “We’re talking about a highly addictive substance, and 2025 seems to be a reasonable time to give people the opportunity to give up,” says Maori Party co-leader Tariana Turia. ... read more >>

First lady: President Obama has quit smoking

President Obama has finally kicked the habit. First lady Michelle Obama says her husband hasn’t had a puff of a cigarette in about a year, and she is proud of him for conquering his bad habit. She said she never pestered him about quitting because she knew it was “a personal challenge for him.” She also hasn’t talked to him much about his decision to lay off the butts. “When somebody’s doing the right thing, I don’t mess with them,” she joked. ... read more >>

New Year’s resolutions ‘barely last longer than a week’

Many people do not have the willpower to make their New Year’s resolutions last longer than a week, research reveals. Attempts to quit smoking, stop drinking alcohol at home or eat healthier food would be far more successful if people got support, according to health campaigners Change4Life. ... read more >>

Health experts give thumbs-up as Bollywood stars kick the butt

MUMBAI: After his recent health scare, Hrithik Roshan has become the latest Bollywood actor to quit smoking. Roshan has also helped friend Arjun Rampal kick the butt. Aamir Khan began the year 2010 by resolving to give up cigarettes, and is currently off them, confesses to being an infrequent smoker only prior to the release of his films. “You can’t quit for the sake of others, only for yourself,” says Khan. ... read more >>

Health basket with anti-smoking drugs, courses ‘successful’

Since free courses and medications to help people quit smoking were added in January to the basket of health services, over 10,000 Israelis have taken a course and some have taken the drugs.Seven hundred such workshops have been held so far in 2010. “The public has proven that we took a very important decision, as prevention of decision is the best way to preserve our health,” Prof. Rafael Beyar, the chairman of the committee that recommends additions to the basket, said on Sunday. ... read more >>

American Lung Association Report Details Quit Smoking Benefits Available in Each State

Millions of Americans will get needed help to quit smoking thanks to the newly enacted U.S. health care law, and it is up to states to close a gap that still remains for other smokers, a new American Lung Association report finds. ... read more >>

Making the Most of Medicare’s New Benefit to Quit Smoking

Medicare is finally legitimizing smoking cessation counseling by underwriting up to eight counseling sessions per year for smokers who are struggling to quit. This benefit is regardless of whether smokers are already ill from tobacco use or not. The naysayer’s response is “what a waste,” declaring that only physical approaches such as replacement of nicotine or other prescription medicines will help. One critic of the new benefit is Dr. Elizabeth Whelan of the American Council on Science and Health (ASCH), who says the expansion in coverage seems “nothing short of pathetic. Attempts to assist smokers quit must focus on satisfying the nicotine addiction by offering it in another form. Simply counseling long-term smokers to get them to quit? A joke- a cruel one at that.” ... read more >>

Certain Smokers More Apt to Quit Over Price Hikes

Boosting cigarette taxes can cause smoking rates to plummet among people struggling with alcohol, drug and/or mental disorders, new research suggests. The study authors found that raising the price of cigarettes by just 10 percent translates into more than an 18 percent drop in smoking among such individuals. ... read more >>

Struggling to quit smoking? Now you can blame your genes

Smokers who find it hard to cut down or quit may be at the mercy of their genes. Scientists identified three genetic mutations that increase the number of cigarettes people smoke a day. Several also appear to be associated with taking up smoking, and one with being able to quit. The findings could lead to more personalised – and ultimately more effective – treatments that help people stub out their cigarettes. ... read more >>