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A Smoking Ban Too Far

NEW YORK CITY’S ban on smoking in its parks and on its beaches won’t go into effect until May 23, but notices about the rule are already appearing on benches and lampposts around town. The City Council passed the ban on the principle that a nonsmoker shouldn’t have to inhale even a tiny amount of secondhand smoke, whether in a bar or a Central Park meadow. But while there is a strong public-health case for banning smoking indoors, the case for banning it outdoors is much weaker — particularly when it runs the risk of a backlash that could undermine the basic goals of the antismoking movement. ... read more >>

Smoking restrictions

Say this for the Macon City Council and its decision to tighten smoking restrictions: The council was bound to anger a lot of people however it voted on the matter, but it didn’t duck the issue. The new ordinance, which goes into effect Sept. 1, will eliminate smoking in bars and nightclubs and just about every other indoor place besides private homes. It also bans smoking outdoors within 10 feet or a reasonable distance of entrances to businesses. Businesses could face fines of up to $500, and repeat offenders could have licenses yanked. ... read more >>

Yankton’s Parks Are Tobacco-Free

The City of Yankton and the Yankton Tobacco Education Coalition reminds all citizens that the Yankton Parks are tobacco-free. In 2006, the Yankton Tobacco Education Coalition asked the City Commission to support a tobacco-free parks policy. The commission unanimously voted in favor of this policy. ... read more >>

Secondhand Smoke May Affect Kids’ Mental Health

Breathing secondhand smoke could increase a child’s risk of mental and behavioral disorders, including attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), suggests a new study. The study adds to evidence suggesting that kids of mothers who smoked while pregnant may be more likely to have behavioral problems. Secondhand smoke exposure has also been linked to heart and breathing problems in kids. ... read more >>

$26,700 in Contributions from Alcohol Industry Raises Red Flags Over Senator Alting’s Opposition to Smoke-Free Law

Saying it raises questions about his opposition to a smoke-free law that includes bars, the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids yesterday released data from the National Institute on Money in State Politics showing that over the last two election cycles, Senator Ronnie J. Alting has taken more political contributions from businesses involved in the sale and distribution of beer, wine and liquor than from any other industry. ... read more >>

Smoke exposure at work killed casino dealer, suit says

A federal class-action lawsuit claims Harrah’s New Orleans Hotel and Casino is responsible for the cancer death of one of its dealers because it failed to safeguard him from secondhand smoke in the workplace. Harrah’s knew of the dangers of secondhand smoke and could have taken numerous precautions to protect its employees but failed to do so, the complaint says. ... read more >>

Mississippi Senate OKs stripped-down smoking ban bill

JACKSON — State senators approved legislation Wednesday that adds to the list of public facilities and property where tobacco smoking is forbidden. Supporters had wanted a statewide smoking ban in all public buildings, but were forced to downgrade their efforts after opposition was raised by businesses, such as casinos and bars, where smoking is allowed. ... read more >>

Bay Area gets mixed grades on smoking policies

San Francisco and Oakland earned the highest grades among the state’s 10 largest cities when it comes to protecting the public from tobacco use and secondhand smoke, according to a report card released by the American Lung Association on Thursday. Grades were mixed for the Bay Area overall. San Jose, the state’s third-largest city, earned an overall D, while the unincorporated parts governed by Santa Clara County received A’s in every category scored. ... read more >>

Agency doesn’t inform, it hectors

JEFF JACOBY makes it clear that the graphic images of disease — some critics call them “medical pornography’’ — which the Food and Drug Administration will force tobacco companies to put on cigarette packs are meant to hector rather than to inform (“The wasted warnings,’’ Op-ed, Nov. 17). While the Federal Trade Commission monitors private business advertising to make sure its content is accurate, there will be no such scrutiny of the FDA. Can we trust them? ... read more >>

Local Landlords Urged to Make Apartments Tobacco Free

The Broome County Health Department wants more buildings to go tobacco free. It’s encouraging landlords and tenants to move toward tobacco free apartment buildings. A move they say will keep both tenants and landlords safe. They helped them realize that going smoke free isn’t just a health issue but also a safety concern. ... read more >>

Secondhand Smoke a Mental Health Hazard?

Long linked to physical ailments such as asthma, heart disease and lung cancer, secondhand smoke may now be tied to an increase in mental woes, new research suggests. Prolonged exposure to another’s noxious tobacco fumes could up the odds for psychological distress, depression, schizophrenia and delirium, British researchers say. ... read more >>