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Oregon lawmakers aim to limit growth of hookah lounges

SALEM — As Oregon lawmakers and advocacy groups have sought to make the state’s indoor buildings smoke free, they say one type of business was unintentionally exempted from the rules — hookah lounges. Hookah lounges are popular among college-age kids, who frequent the businesses to hang out, study and socialize while smoking flavored tobacco from water pipes. ... read more >>

Smoking Ban is ‘Tobacco Totalitarianism’

It’s been more than a year and a half since UNM became a “smoke-free” campus, but so far no one has been punished for smoking outside of designated areas. Student Conduct Officer Rob Burford said five or six people have been warned to obey the policy. He said punishments for continued tobacco violations include probation, community service and even suspension. ... read more >>

Federal lawsuit filed to stop Bullitt smoking ban

Bullitt County’s smoking ban isn’t scheduled to go into effect until September but it’s already facing another legal challenge. Attorneys for the group Bullitt County Choice and several businesses that are against the measure filed a federal lawsuit Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Louisville, naming the Bullitt County Board of Health as the defendent. ... read more >>

Hackademy Awards Recognize Smoke-Free Hit ‘Inception’ as Thumbs Up! Movie for 2010

Teen movie reviewers in Sacramento, California faced a tough challenge in picking the smokiest movie for 2010, but decided “Remember Me” could have easily afforded to forget about promoting America’s leading cause of preventable death. That made the romantic drama the latest Thumbs Down! Movie recipient in this year’s annual Hackademy Awards, presented by Breathe California of Sacramento-Emigrant Trails. ... read more >>

SG weighs the options of a tobacco-free campus

In the last year, many Florida colleges, including UF, FIU and Edison State College, have implemented campus-wide smoking bans. Student Government has recently begun to discuss this issue in an attempt to establish a stance on how the student body of FGCU would like to address this trend. ... read more >>

Oklahoma health commissioner fights for local control of tobacco laws

Oklahoma Health Commissioner Terry Cline is no politician, but he’s not shying away from a political fight over tobacco laws. There have been many such battles through the years trying to curb where people can smoke, limiting tobacco advertising and encouraging businesses to go smoke-free. The effort on the front burner as a new legislative session gets set to begin has the potential to include all of the above by keying in on an issue dear to the hearts of many Oklahomans: local control. ... read more >>

Terre Haute To Go Smoke Free

It’s been a burning debate for Terre Haute residents, but now the city will have a smoking ban. The city council unanimously agreed tonight to make all Terre Haute workplaces smoke free. “This is huge; I mean it has been six years of working on one form of legislation or another. ... read more >>

R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co.’s smoke-free 2011 New Year’s resolution lights up debate

Big tobacco queen R.J. Reynolds catches heat with the latest smoke-free New Year’s resolution message. The Winston-Salem based tobacco company is seemingly geared to snuff smokers from an unhealthy pattern – of future tobacco profit. ... read more >>

Soon Bhutan Will Become a Smoke-free Country

A person has the right to bring into the country no more than 200 sticks of cigarette, 30 pieces of cigar or 150 g. of other tobacco products a month. Also they should be 18-years and above and have the right to bring only one tobacco product at a time. They will be fined 200 % sales tax and customs duty for cigarettes produced in countries other than India. Those who will buy camel cigarettes from India will have to pay a charge in the amount of 100% of sales tax. ... read more >>

New Shisha Hits the Shelves at Juggling Gypsy Cafe

The smoking ban has led to a group knowingly breaking the law. According to North Carolina state law, that’s exactly what the management of the Juggling Gypsy Hookah Cafe has been doing, until recently. When the North Carolina smoking ban went into effect January 2, 2010, all bars, restaurants, places of employment, and state vehicles were deemed “smoke free.” Cigar bars and tobacco shops were both given a pass on the law, but Hookah establishments were left out of the equation. ... read more >>

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