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Grass Valley extends smoking ban in downtown area

Law enforcement matters took center stage at Tuesday’s Grass Valley City Council meeting as the municipality voted to expand its ban smoking on smoking downtown as well as voting to support abolishing the police department’s dispatch center to join a regional county dispatch center. ... read more >>

China’s New Indoor Smoking Ban Takes Effect

China’s latest push to ban smoking in indoor public venues came into effect Sunday, but the vaguely defined expanded rules were not expected to dramatically reduce the country’s heavy tobacco addiction. Smoking, which is linked to the deaths of at least 1 million people in China every year, is one of the greatest health threats the country faces, government statistics show. Nearly 30 percent of adults in China smoke, about 300 million people — a number roughly equal to the entire U.S. population. ... read more >>

Smoking Ban is ‘Tobacco Totalitarianism’

It’s been more than a year and a half since UNM became a “smoke-free” campus, but so far no one has been punished for smoking outside of designated areas. Student Conduct Officer Rob Burford said five or six people have been warned to obey the policy. He said punishments for continued tobacco violations include probation, community service and even suspension. ... read more >>

Smoking supporters say it’s about freedom

“We want them to vote no on both measure one and two, but to educate them in letting them know they will be losing their freedoms to choose,”said Keith Holzer, spokesman for the Employees for Individual Freedom. They referred the Bismarck City Commission vote to ban smoking in all bars. In recent weeks, the group has began running its own ad campaign to counter messages for the smoking ban. Their “vote no” message is even printed on napkins. Mike Peluso, co-owner of the Stadium and Lodge, said they are only using private money for the ads; drop boxes ask patrons to help. ... read more >>

Countdown to indoor smoking ban

Beijing – A smoking ban at all indoor public venues on the Chinese mainland will take effect on May 1, the Ministry of Health said, though specific penalties or responsibilities for enforcement have not been set. In a document released on Tuesday, the ministry for the first time included detailed anti-smoking rules: no-smoking signs must be displayed, outdoor smoking areas should not affect pedestrian traffic, and no vending machines will sell cigarettes. ... read more >>

Law banning smoking in city parks includes golf courses

When they say you’re lighting it up on the golf course, that usually refers to great sub-par scoring. However, as of May 23, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, will give it a whole new meaning with the bill he recently signed prohibiting smoking on or in city-owned beaches, parks and public squares. ... read more >>

Modify Illinois business smoking ban

It’s pretty clear that the mainstream of American culture has turned for a variety of reasons against cigarette smokers, and they are being pushed onto the margins of society. But business owners who feel they have been hurt by the public smoking ban in Illinois continue to push back against the ban, Their latest proposed legislative modification to the smoking ban is to allow it in bars that do less than 10 percent of their business in food, adult gambling facilities, adult entertainment venues, private clubs and an establishment hosting a convention for tobacco products. ... read more >>

Statewide smoking ban talk heats up in Texas

WACO – The Senate Human Services Committee voted 5-3 on Tuesday to ban smoking in public places in Texas, including bars and restaurants. The bill by Sen. Rodney Ellis, a Houston Democrat, now goes to the full senate for consideration. Opponents say the bill violates the private property rights of business owners. ... read more >>

City of Monash votes for far-reaching smoking bans

The City of Monash’s smoking ban, due to take effect on October 1, is believed to be the most far-reaching of any Victorian municipality. It extends the council’s ban on smoking at children’s playgrounds. Monash mayor Cr Greg Male said today that the policy was chiefly aimed at areas where there was sporting activity. ... read more >>

Final countdown for New York’s smokers with just three months left to enjoy a cigarette in public

There are only three months left for the city’s smokers to indulge in their habit in public places. Not content with banning smoking in restaurants and bars, smoking in New York City’s parks, beaches, board walks, pedestrian plazas and other public spaces will also be banned from May 23. ... read more >>

Chinese come to their Cuban comrades’ rescue by lighting up cigars

Winston Churchill and Fidel Castro fed the mystique, but it is Chinese smokers who could ultimately save the Cuban cigar. Demand from China’s expanding economic elite has sparked optimism in an industry that risked being extinguished by recession and anti-smoking laws around the world. ... read more >>