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Smoking: A Drag for Job Applicants?

Smokers need not apply — or need to quit — if they want to be hired at a southern Delaware hospital, one of a growing number of employers to ban the practice among prospective staff members. Overwhelming evidence about the health risks of smoking have turned laws and public sentiment against the habit, but Wharton experts note that such policies raise questions about how far employers should be able to go in regulating employees’ behavior in and out of the office. ... read more >>

Hookah Smoking Replacing Cigarettes?

Young Americans are smoking fewer cigarettes, but researchers say that progress is threatened by an increasingly popular cultural import — the tall, ornate water pipe known as the hookah. What started as a fad for smoking exotic and flavor-soaked tobacco in hookah bars is showing worrisome staying power, according to a study released on Tuesday by the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. ... read more >>

Todd Phillips Clarifies: The Smoking Hangover 2 Monkey Story Was a Joke

The internet was abuzz over a report that Todd Phillips got his Hangover 2 capuchin monkey addicted to cigarettes, but today animal lovers can breathe a sigh of relief. Phillips, via email, explains to Movieline that the whole story was intended as a joke. (What’s more: He assures us that Crystal the monkey didn’t actually do cocaine in the film, either. Phew!) Hit the jump for the director’s explanation in full. ... read more >>

Smoking supporters say it’s about freedom

“We want them to vote no on both measure one and two, but to educate them in letting them know they will be losing their freedoms to choose,”said Keith Holzer, spokesman for the Employees for Individual Freedom. They referred the Bismarck City Commission vote to ban smoking in all bars. In recent weeks, the group has began running its own ad campaign to counter messages for the smoking ban. Their “vote no” message is even printed on napkins. Mike Peluso, co-owner of the Stadium and Lodge, said they are only using private money for the ads; drop boxes ask patrons to help. ... read more >>

Tobacco levy to address public smoking, advertising

A tobacco levy expected to address public smoking and advertising is in the offing says the Minister of Health Reverend Dr John Seakgosing in his budget proposal speech. He said his ministry has been working on ‘the repeal of the Control of Smoking Act of 1992 and the 2004 amendment.’ Seakgosing said that his ministry has proposed a tobacco control act that will address current problems such as easy accessibility, public smoking, advertising as well as other requirements of the World Health Organisation Framework Convention on Tobacco Control that Botswana ratified in 2005. ... read more >>

‘Four-year-old children’ smoking on train: Video causes outrage in China

A video of two children smoking cigarettes on a train has sparked fresh debate about the scale of China’s tobacco habit. The short video shows two young boys – aged approximately three to four years old – laughing as they puff away, with one blowing smoke into the others face. When one surprised passenger asks ‘Does he know how to smoke?’, another replies, ‘Yes, you see he can inhale!’, according to the website ... read more >>

Is Kate Middleton Smoking to Cope With Wedding Stress?

KATE Middleton has developed a nasty habit as she deals with the stress of her upcoming wedding to Britain’s Prince William! Sources say the sexy brunette is so stressed out that she’s taken up smoking. “Only Princess Diana could understand the amount of pressure this young girl is experiencing,” an insider told the PopEater website. ... read more >>

Lindsay Lohan trying to hide her cigarette during a spot of sightseeing yesterday

Lindsay Lohan looked like she may have got dressed in the dark when she took to the streets of New York for a spot of sightseeing yesterday. The troubled 24-year-old has been spending the weekend in the Big Apple with her family and is believed to be seriously considering the option of a three month jail sentence after an LA jewellery store reported that she had stolen a $2,500 necklace from them. ... read more >>

Drury campus to go tobacco-free

Drury University will become a tobacco-free campus with the beginning of the fall semester in 2012, a Drury news release said. Currently, smoking is not allowed in any buildings at Drury University and this extension of that policy to the entire campus and all tobacco products reflects Drury’s commitment to wellness. ... read more >>

Outdoor smoke ban gains support

AS the state election nears, a new poll reveals an overwhelming majority of voters support the idea of a ban on smoking in outdoor dining areas. More than eight out of 10 NSW voters believe smoking should be banned from outdoor areas where food or drink is served, according to an independent Newspoll survey commissioned by Cancer Council and the Heart Foundation. ... read more >>

Council and police blasted for hiring ‘sniffer wardens’ to smoke out drivers who light up in company cars

Drivers who light cigarettes in company cars are being hunted down by ‘sniffer wardens’ after a council teamed up with police to smoke them out. Tendring District Council and Essex Police are so eager to catch employees having a puff behind the wheel that they’ve set up road blocks across the county. Armed with nothing but a heightened sense of smell, the sharp-nosed enforcers lie in wait, sniffing inside the cars of suspected lawbreakers, and scouring for used ashtrays. ... read more >>