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Bat Calls for Review of Cigarette Tax

BRITISH American Tobacco Company has faulted the recently introduced tier based excise tax regime on cigarettes saying it is not sustainable for the industry and should be revised. Speaking during the company’s 59th annual general meeting in Nairobi yesterday, the firms management expressed concern over the impact the current excise tax regime could have on its business in the long term. “We need the government to have a clear sustainable position on excise tax. The idea of changing the structure six months after budget reading in December makes it difficult for businesses to forecast,” noted BAT Managing Director Gary Fagan. ... read more >>

Amid fiscal turmoil, House votes to cut tax on loose-leaf tobacco

As many places across the country raise tobacco taxes in an effort to reduce usage and save on public health costs down the road the Texas House has gone in the other direction. Members of the Texas House on Wednesday approved a bill to lower a tax on Red Man and other brands of loose-leaf chewing tobacco. When Rep. Allan Ritter, R-Nederland , laid out House Bill 2599, one freshman House member from Central Texas couldn’t believe his ears. ... read more >>

Last-ditch effort to stave off tobacco tax increase

Legislators have made a last-ditch appeal to the government to amend the 41.5 percent tobacco tax increase to soften the blow for smokers. The rise should be spread over five years, which means each cigarette stick will cost 20 HK cents more a year, said New People’s Party legislator Regina Ip Lau Suk-yee. ... read more >>

Nebraska lawmakers advance cigarette legislation

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) — A bill that would create a way for Nebraska to collect tobacco tax revenue from American Indian tribes advanced Wednesday through a first-round legislative vote. The measure would call for state officials to reach compacts with tribes so they could collect money to comply with a national legal settlement with the four largest U.S. tobacco companies. ... read more >>

Bill seeks $1.50 hike in Maine cigarette tax

AUGUSTA, Maine — A bill to increase Maine’s cigarette tax by $1.50 per pack to $3.50 has encountered opposition in the State House from convenience stores, grocers and other businesses that deal with tobacco. The Taxation Committee on Wednesday took up a bill supporters see as a way to help discourage young people from smoking. Money from the tax increase would help fund the operation of a tobacco help line. ... read more >>

State’s use of tobacco settlement money lights fire under crowd

Uninsured Pennsylvanians and health care advocates yesterday criticized state leaders’ plan to allocate hundreds of millions of dollars of state tobacco settlement money to the general fund after ending a low-income insurance program. “This money is not for the state to steal. They can steal our tax money,” John Kitchen, 47, an uninsured resident of Eighty Four, said during a half-day hearing Downtown. Auditor General Jack Wagner, D-Beechview, hosted the hearing in Pittsburgh City Council chambers. ... read more >>

Bringing cigarette-tax stamps back would raise money, fight crime

Legislators are trying once again to curb cigarette smuggling, both into and out of North Carolina, by re-establishing a stamp on cigarette packs. This year, the odds look better than in the past, and that is good. North Carolina has long had one of the lowest state cigarette taxes. Because of that, organized crime and terrorist organizations have bought cigarettes here and resold them illegally in high-tax states. In recent years, cigarettes have also been smuggled into North Carolina, costing the state tax revenue. ... read more >>

‘Roll-your-own’ smokes now high tech, low cost

We can throw away the image of a grizzled cowpoke closing his tobacco pouch drawstring with his yellowed teeth and licking a loosely-rolled, skinny, homemade cigarette. “Roll-your-own” has gone high tech with a growing number of smokers opting for homemade cigarettes at a fourth of the cost of mass produced, tailor-made “smokes.” The economics of such a switch are compelling. A popular tailor-made brand like Marlboro sells for about $4 a pack and $40 a carton at local tobacco shops. ... read more >>

Trade group against cigarette tax

The Virginia Wholesalers and Distributors Association is the statewide business trade group representing food, beverage and tobacco wholesalers in Virginia. VWDA members are licensed tobacco tax agents for the commonwealth who collect and enforce all of Virginia’s tobacco tax laws, as well as the Master Settlement Agreement. ... read more >>

Big tobacco puts pressure on lawmakers for Dosal tax

Employees from tobacco companies around Florida, including RJ Reynolds and Altria, want Miami-based Dosal Tobacco to start showing the state some money. About 200 people from the group Citizens for Fairness in Florida, a group representing large tobacco corporations, rallied in Tallahassee Tuesday in support of legislation that makes Dosal Tobacco Corporation pay a fee assessed on cigarettes that other companies pay as part of a 1997 settlement between the state and big tobacco that netted the state $11.3 billion to help pay for health care costs. ... read more >>

Lawmakers propose 70-cent cigarette tax hike

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — A group of lawmakers, including Senate President Joel Chaisson, is pushing to boost cigarette taxes by 70 cents per pack, with similar increases for cigars and chewing tobacco. The change would increase the state tax on cigarettes from 36 cents per pack to $1.06. ... read more >>