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Teenage smoking is on the rise

DESPITE the mountains of information warning us of the dangers of smoking, young Australians are lighting up in droves. They’re not old enough to legally buy a pack of cigarettes but almost 60,000 Australian children aged 15-17 are regular smokers. Although smoking rates have declined over recent decades, young people were the most likely to have increased the amount they smoked in the past year, a new report by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has found. ... read more >>

Heading for a reduced harm future? Whither the cigarette?

The main thrust of tobacco control legislation is to reduce the harm done by smoking. This has led to health warnings, smoking bans and advertising restrictions. It has also led to compulsory filters and legislation to reduce tar. Short of banning the manufacture of cigarettes, where else will it lead and what product will tobacco consumers be buying in 2050? ... read more >>

Partial ban on smokes outlined

WORCESTER — A move is in the works to have the city join a handful of communities statewide in banning the sale of cigarettes and other tobacco products by local health care providers, including chain pharmacies and other drugstores, and institutions of higher education. At the request of the City Council, City Manager Michael V. O’Brien is recommending amendments to the city’s tobacco control ordinance to implement such a ban, as well as regulate the advertising of tobacco products within the city. ... read more >>

Cigs ban will change nothing, say shops

South Tyneside newsagents have stubbed out Government plans to ban the display of tobacco in shops. Having cigarettes on show will be outlawed in England next year as part of a package of measures to discourage smokers announced yesterday – No Smoking Day. From next April, products will have to be kept under-the-counter in large stores, and from 2015 in small shops. ... read more >>

Study shows tobacco retail proximity to schools

For years the tobacco industry has argued that efforts to ban tobacco advertising near schools would constitute a total ban on tobacco advertising in urban areas. But public health researchers at the University at Buffalo and Roswell Park Cancer Institute have presented research that shows this is not the case in Buffalo and Niagara Falls, N.Y. The UB and RPCI researchers presented their study results in a poster session on Feb. 18 at the annual meeting of the Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco held in Toronto. ... read more >>

Impact of Tobacco Advertising Rules Around Schools

In 2009, when the FDA proposed new rules restricting outdoor tobacco advertising near schools and playgrounds, the tobacco industry came up with an argument saying that such rules would bring to a near complete ban on tobacco advertising in urban areas. An article in the March 2011 issue of the American Journal of Preventive Medicine states that the effect of these regulations would be less severe than the industry contends. ... read more >>

Community Partnerships Launch “Tobacco Marketing Works” Campaign

ALBANY, NY — An innovative media campaign was launched today to educate New Yorkers about the effect that tobacco industry products and marketing in stores have on youth smoking. The campaign reflects research that in-store marketing is more powerful than peer pressure, and youth are twice as likely as adults to be influenced by tobacco product displays and other marketing. ... read more >>

No tobacco link with new Renault livery – Lopez

Renault has hit back at reports that its new livery runs too close to laws against tobacco advertising. The R31’s black and gold colours are a tribute to the famous Lotus cars of the 70s and 80s, which were sponsored by the Imperial Tobacco label John Player Special. A Health Canada spokesperson said last month that inspectors will look into whether the livery will voilate the Tobacco Act when the F1 circus arrives in Montreal this year. ... read more >>

Are the French Sophisticated Enough to Tolerate Images of Cigarettes?

Last week a committee of the French National Assembly approved legislation that would loosen the country’s ban on tobacco advertising to avoid absurdities like this, an ad for a 2009 retrospective on the films of Jacques Tati in which his comic character M. Hulot’s trademark pipe has been replaced by a yellow pinwheel. The 1991 ban applies not only to tobacco ads but also to tobacco images in ads for other products. ... read more >>

France’s dead stars reappear in puff of smoke

Jean-Paul Sartre, who died in 1980, will soon be able to smoke cigarettes in public again. And the great comic film-maker Jacques Tati will shortly be allowed to take up his beloved pipe too, 28 years after his death. French parliamentarians have voted to recommend a “cultural exception” to an anti-smoking law which has led to the “healthily correct” editing of images of celebrated smokers from the past. The cultural affairs committee of the National Assembly decided that such censorship was “worthy only of totalitarian regimes” and priggishly exceeds the spirit of a 1991 law which restricts the advertising of tobacco and alcohol. ... read more >>

Allow graphic warnings on cigarette packs: former DOH chiefs

MANILA, Philippines – Former Health secretaries have asked the Supreme Court to allow the placing of graphic warnings and other health information on cigarette packs. Doctors Esperanza Cabral, Francisco Duque, Jaime Galvez-Tan, Alberto Romualdez and Alfredo Bengzon filed a petition for intervention in the case filed by Mighty Tobacco Corporation against an administrative order that required graphic health warnings on cigarette packs. ... read more >>