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Putnam County Tobacco Prevention and Cessation gets new coordinator

The cause to reduce tobacco use among Hoosiers in Putnam County is alive and well, thanks to the Putnam County Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Coalition. Through the combined efforts of the Coalition and Putnam County Hospital, Chris Shuck was recently hired as the new program coordinator. “We are very excited to have Chris be a part of the team,” said Dennis Weatherford, CEO of Putnam County Hospital. “It’s great to know that the program will be able to continue with effective leadership. Chris brings a lot of qualities to the table that will be important as we work toward the goal of improving the overall health of the residents in the county. ” ... read more >>

Manitoba’s youth smoking rate exceeds national average

Manitoba’s youth smoking rate is stubbornly higher than the national average, officials with the Canadian Cancer Society said on Monday.This week is National Non-Smoking Week. According to the most recent Canadian Tobacco Use Monitoring Survey, 18 per cent of Manitoba teens, between the ages of 15 and 19, smoke. That’s significantly high than the national average of 13 per cent. ... read more >>

Smoke Got in Their Eyes

FRANK SINATRA, exuding crisp sophistication, a squared pocket handkerchief peeking out of his suit jacket, a fedora tilted back from his forehead, eased into the opening words of “I Get a Kick Out of You.” Behind him, in this 1950s black-and-white television appearance, was a giant blowup of what looks like an album cover, with the title “Music for Smokers Only.” ... read more >>

Federal grant announced today to support tobacco-free initiatives in Linn County

Tobacco prevention and cessation will be targeted with a $2 million grant that Linn County Public Health received from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Ringgold County also received part of the total $3.2 million awarded through the Communities Putting Prevention to Work federal stimulus program. ... read more >>

How Much Money Are You Spending on Cigarettes?

Smoking does more than hurt your health; it does a number on your wallet, as well. A pack of cigarettes now costs more than $5 on average—with some states tacking on additional taxes that raise the price even more. In New York City, local taxes have pushed the cost of a pack to about $10. ... read more >>

Putting cessation services in proper context

While assisted smoking cessation is a highly cost-effective medical intervention, it is not a cost-effective public health intervention. For example, even if the goal is to promote smoking cessation, using resources to educate the public about the dangers of secondhand smoke and advocate for enactment of strong smokefree laws is an order of magnitude more cost-effective per new nonsmoker than using money for direct cessation services such as providing free NRT [1]. ... read more >>

Reform gives smoking cessation opportunity

Healthcare reform legislation provides an unprecedented opportunity for prevention of disease, a U.S. non-profit group suggests. Matthew L. Myers, president of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, says lawmakers in Congress should seize the opportunity to invest in proven measures that prevent costly diseases from occurring, thereby improving health and reducing healthcare costs. ... read more >>

Snuffing out smoking

We’ve made progress, but work remains. Massachusetts’ example shows hope in weaning low-income smokers. At the turn of the last century, a group of national health experts made a resolution: Their objective was to reduce smoking among adults to 12% by 2010. The 45 million Americans who are still lighting up, including a disproportionate share of the nation’s poorest residents, apparently did not get the memo from Healthy People 2010. Although the number of smokers has decreased, it remains well above the target number, at nearly 20% of the adult population, down from about 24%. ... read more >>

Lowest tier for anti-smoking initiatives

Despite declines in smoking rates in Tennessee and Georgia, the states ranked dead last this year in state-funded tobacco cessation and prevention programs. “We see both Tennessee and Georgia as extremely disappointing,” said Peter Fisher, vice president of state issues for the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, one of a group of health advocacy organizations that released the rankings this month. ... read more >>

Massachusetts Antismoking Plan Gets Attention

When Massachusetts began offering virtually free treatments to help poor residents of the state stop smoking in 2006, proponents hoped the new Medicaid program would someday reap benefits. But state officials never expected it would happen so soon. New state data show a steep drop in the smoking rate among poor people. When the program started, about 38 percent of poor Massachusetts residents smoked. By 2008, the smoking rate for poor residents had dropped to about 28 percent, a decrease of about 30,000 people in two and a half years, or one in six smokers, said Lois Keithly, director of the state’s Tobacco Cessation and Prevention Program. ... read more >>

Smoking ban vital for youth, say doctors

The UAE needs a national smoking ban, for the sake of young people’s health – and soon, several leading doctors have said. ... read more >>