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Local Woman Wins Law Suit Against Tobacco Companies

Kim Mathews says she’s been trying to quit smoking off and on for about ten years. She picked up the habit as a young teenager back in 1973. “When I tried to quit I found that it’s not as easy as just putting them down. Your body craves the nicotine,” said Mathews. In the case of 81-year-old Suwannee County woman Ann Huish, her husband’s addiction and death is what brought her to a battle that some might say resembled that of David and Goliath. ... read more >>

No More Light Cigarettes

When it comes to new rules for marketing so-called light cigarettes, tobacco companies plan to honor the letter of the law — but to shade the truth, critics say. Come June, under the new federal tobacco law, cigarette companies will no longer be allowed to use words like “light” or “mild” on packages to imply that some cigarettes are safer than others. ... read more >>

FDA concerned dissolvable tobacco appeals to kids

The Food and Drug Administration is saying in letters to two tobacco companies that flavored, dissolvable tobacco products – that the agency compares with candy and says contain a lot of nicotine – could be particularly appealing to kids and young adults. The FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products wrote to R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co., maker of Camel cigarettes, and the smaller Star Scientific Inc. on Monday voicing concern over smokeless products that are consumed like breath mints but made from finely milled tobacco. ... read more >>

WLF files brief in support of tobacco companies

Tobacco companies recently received some help in their challenge of a new federal law that they say violates their right to free speech. The Washington Legal Foundation filed an amicus brief Dec. 2 in support of six companies that filed the challenge in Kentucky federal court. They are opposing a law that puts restrictions on their ability to advertise and promote their products. ... read more >>

Ohio’s tobacco-prevention funding rank falls

In 2007, Ohio ranked 13th in the nation for tobacco prevention funding. This year, the state landed in 45th place. The Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids, in conjunction with the American Heart Association, American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, American Lung Association and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, released its annual report Dec. 9 with grim numbers for anti-tobacco campaigners. ... read more >>

States Spending Less to Fight Smoking

State governments are collecting record revenues from tobacco companies but spending less and less of it on antismoking programs, especially in New York, a group of health and advocacy organizations said in a report released Wednesday. In the report, titled “A Broken Promise to Our Children,” the organizations said state governments had reduced spending by 15 percent, to $567 million, for smoking prevention and cessation programs in the fiscal year that ended in September. ... read more >>

Tobacco farming increases again for maximum profits in greater Rangpur

Farming of harmful tobacco has been increasing rapidly in recent years in greater Rangpur posing a threat to human and soil health when hectic efforts are on to discourage use of all tobacco products. Many of the farmers are being attracted towards tobacco farming following more profits and lucrative incentives being given by the multinational and local tobacco companies in the area in recent years, the farmers told the national news agency. ... read more >>

Ad Groups Fight Tobacco Act

Three key industry groups have mounted a challenge to new tobacco laws. The Association of National Advertisers, the American Association of Advertising Agencies and the American Advertising Federation filed a “friend of the court” brief in a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act. ... read more >>

Tricks of the Trade: Strategies for Tobacco Advertising

Tobacco advertisers use many different methods to get consumers to buy their products. Often, what they try to sell is less the product itself, and more a lifestyle or image. Although tobacco advertising is no longer permitted in magazines published in Canada, Canadian kids and teens often buy American editions – which don’t have to follow Canadian rules. ... read more >>

Sidestep ’em if you got ’em

Some tobacco companies have pulled a fast one on the federal government by re-labeling their products and avoiding a punitive tax placed on roll-your-own tobacco products. ... read more >>

Fewer Ohioans lighting up; funding woes cause future worry

Confronted with a public smoking ban, higher sin taxes and more anti-smoking efforts, fewer Ohioans are lighting up. ... read more >>