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Smoking Ban is ‘Tobacco Totalitarianism’

It’s been more than a year and a half since UNM became a “smoke-free” campus, but so far no one has been punished for smoking outside of designated areas. Student Conduct Officer Rob Burford said five or six people have been warned to obey the policy. He said punishments for continued tobacco violations include probation, community service and even suspension. ... read more >>

Yankton’s Parks Are Tobacco-Free

The City of Yankton and the Yankton Tobacco Education Coalition reminds all citizens that the Yankton Parks are tobacco-free. In 2006, the Yankton Tobacco Education Coalition asked the City Commission to support a tobacco-free parks policy. The commission unanimously voted in favor of this policy. ... read more >>

BAT aims to set tobacco nicotine-free alight

British American Tobacco (BAT) created a unit that will seek to develop nicotine products for people wanting an alternative to cigarettes as governments globally aim to reduce smoking. Nicoventures was planning to develop tobacco-free nicotine products, BAT spokeswoman Kate Matrunola said yesterday. The unit employed four people and would discuss with regulators what sort of products might work, she said. ... read more >>

BAT to Market Tobacco-Free Nicotine Products

British American Tobacco BTI will develop tobacco-free nicotine products at its newly created Nicoventures unit in an attempt to retain revenue from smokers who wish to quit on health grounds. We regard the move as a hedge against declining rates of smoking in developed markets, and we expect the new unit to remain a very small piece of British American’s top line for several years. ... read more >>

Faculty Senate to consider campus tobacco ban in Thursday session

Life for smokers in high-tax Massachusetts could become a bit more complicated Thursday if the University of Massachusetts Faculty Senate ratifies a proposal to ban tobacco use on campus at its Thursday meeting. The Senate will vote on “A Tobacco-Free UMass Amherst” at its Thursday meeting, which will be held at 4 p.m. in Herter Hall room 227. The proposal has already been approved by the campus Health Council and by the Campus Leadership Council. ... read more >>

Budget cutters jettison cigarette tax hike

BOISE — In recent days, Rep. Cameron Wheeler has fielded numerous phone calls from voters in his eastern Idaho district that took him a little off guard. “They told me, ‘Vote for the cigarette tax increase,’” said Wheeler, R-Ririe, of the callers’ message. “I told them, ‘There isn’t anything to vote for.’ “ The people lighting up Wheeler’s House floor phone’s display panel were responding to full-page newspaper ads — in Boise, Idaho Falls, Nampa and Twin Falls last week — from a coalition of anti-smoking groups that have been pushing the proposed $1.25 per pack cigarette tax hike since before the 2011 session began in January. ... read more >>

Drury campus to go tobacco-free

Drury University will become a tobacco-free campus with the beginning of the fall semester in 2012, a Drury news release said. Currently, smoking is not allowed in any buildings at Drury University and this extension of that policy to the entire campus and all tobacco products reflects Drury’s commitment to wellness. ... read more >>

Cost of smoking: You’re fired

As the Monty Python proverb goes, “Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!” Except maybe smokers. Since Reader’s Digest published “Cancer by the Carton” in 1952, the Spanish Inquisition is exactly what the tobacco world has grown to expect. Smokers at ASU are all too familiar with this idea. Last spring, Tempe’s Undergraduate Student Government attempted to make the University a smoke-free campus. ... read more >>

Entire DSS campus now tobacco free

The Rowan County Board of Social Services approved a ban on tobacco on its campus Tuesday, but it still has a few more hurdles to clear before it takes effect. County Health Director Leonard Wood spoke to the board about the proposed policy. It must be approved by the boards of social services and health, as well as the county commissioners. ... read more >>

Local Landlords Urged to Make Apartments Tobacco Free

The Broome County Health Department wants more buildings to go tobacco free. It’s encouraging landlords and tenants to move toward tobacco free apartment buildings. A move they say will keep both tenants and landlords safe. They helped them realize that going smoke free isn’t just a health issue but also a safety concern. ... read more >>

Federal grant announced today to support tobacco-free initiatives in Linn County

Tobacco prevention and cessation will be targeted with a $2 million grant that Linn County Public Health received from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Ringgold County also received part of the total $3.2 million awarded through the Communities Putting Prevention to Work federal stimulus program. ... read more >>