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Annual tobacco payment $75.9 million

The money came from the tobacco industry, with 75 percent going directly into the Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust Fund, he said. The remainder is made available for appropriation by the Legislature. The trust fund now has a balance of more than $647 million, said Miller, who serves as chairman of the trust fund’s board of investors. The fund was created by a voter-approved amendment to the Oklahoma Constitution in 2000. ... read more >>

Tough sell on tapping tobacco settlement

— Gov. Tom Corbett’s pick to run the state Department of Community and Economic Development found himself facing tough questions Thursday over the administration’s decision to dip into the state’s share of the nationwide tobacco settlement for economic development programs. ... read more >>

Smoke exposure at work killed casino dealer, suit says

A federal class-action lawsuit claims Harrah’s New Orleans Hotel and Casino is responsible for the cancer death of one of its dealers because it failed to safeguard him from secondhand smoke in the workplace. Harrah’s knew of the dangers of secondhand smoke and could have taken numerous precautions to protect its employees but failed to do so, the complaint says. ... read more >>

Smokefree NZ by 2025?

The Government will commit to the goal of making New Zealand smokefree by 2025 as part of its plan to get tough on tobacco. In a response to a Maori affairs select committee inquiry into the tobacco industry and Maori smoking rates, tabled in Parliament today, the Government agreed to develop targets for reducing smoking rates with the goal of becoming a smokefree nation. ... read more >>

Diageo severs ties to drink awareness body in row over smoking

DRINKS giant Diageo has cut its ties with Scotland’s most prominent alcohol awareness charity over controversial moves by the campaigning group to link the impact of alcohol to that of smoking. The company, which makes Johnnie Walker, Bell’s, Guinness and Smirnoff, has retaliated against Alcohol Focus Scotland after being frozen out of a conference next week which the group is co-hosting with anti-smoking lobbyist ASH. ... read more >>

Rango Smoking Controversy

The tobacco industry, with its endless evil genius campaigns to develop new addicts — the “flavored tobacco pellets,” loaded with nicotine, which look and dissolve like Tic-Tacs, for example — does not need any help luring children to its products. That’s why many health advocacy groups object to the new animated movie “Rango.” It’s chock full of smoking. ... read more >>

Tobacco tax campaign will be a rough ride

Lance Armstrong pedalled (flew, actually) into California last week to promote his latest post-retirement campaign: a ballot measure raising the state tax on cigarettes by $1 a pack to generate $850 million a year for cancer research and anti-smoking programs. ... read more >>

Outdoor smoke ban gains support

AS the state election nears, a new poll reveals an overwhelming majority of voters support the idea of a ban on smoking in outdoor dining areas. More than eight out of 10 NSW voters believe smoking should be banned from outdoor areas where food or drink is served, according to an independent Newspoll survey commissioned by Cancer Council and the Heart Foundation. ... read more >>

Big Tobacco Claims FDA Stacked the Deck

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (CN) – Lorillard and R.J. Reynolds Tobacco sued the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the Department of Health and Human Services, claiming the federal agencies stacked the FDA’s Tobacco Products Scientific Advisory Committee with “a clique” who have “severe financial and appearance conflicts of interest and associated biases” on the tobacco industry. ... read more >>

Zimbabwe early Tobacco sales gross US$12m

Zimbabwe has earned US$12,01 million from the sale of 4,1 million kilogrammes of tobacco since the opening of the marketing season on February 16, the Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board said yesterday. TIMB said the crop had been sold at an average price of US$2,90 per kilogramme. The price is down from last year’s average. ... read more >>

It is a myth that high duties on tobacco lead to increased smuggling

There is a tobacco industry’s assertion that “Treasury and Customs officials to brace themselves for a tsunami of smuggled cigarettes”, as “criminal gangs seek to cash in on the UK’s exceptionally high tax rates on tobacco products”. This is an old argument wheeled out every year in advance of the budget. As evidence the industry cites the 1990s, when tax increases were followed by tobacco smuggling ballooning out of control. Smuggling certainly did go up, due to a vast expansion in British cigarettes being sold overseas, destined to be smuggled straight back to the UK – with tobacco manufacturers benefiting from the increase in sales of their products at a cheaper tax-free price. ... read more >>