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FDA: e-cigarettes to face same regulations as tobacco products

WINSTON-SALEM (MCT) — Electronic cigarettes will be regulated as tobacco products, and not drug-delivery devices, the Food and Drug Administration said Monday. The agency’s decision was a signal that it would not appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court last year’s decision by a federal appeals court. The FDA had wanted the ability to treat electronic cigarettes as drug-delivery devices — thus subject to stricter regulations — because e-cigarettes heat nicotine extracted from tobacco. But it lost the case. ... read more >>

Tougher tobacco warning labels needed

The U.S. has long needed stronger warning labels on tobacco products. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s proposed rule, “Required Warnings for Cigarette Packages and Advertisements,” would require cigarette packs to carry one of nine new textual warning statements (such as “Smoking causes mouth disease” and “Cigarettes are addictive”), accompanied by graphic depictions of the negative health consequences of smoking. The new warning labels will occupy 50 percent of the upper portion of the front and rear panels of the package. ... read more >>

Worcester cig sale ban closer

WORCESTER — The city is one step away from becoming the ninth municipality in the state to ban the sale of cigarettes and other tobacco products by local health-care providers, including chain pharmacies and other drugstores. The ban was one of four amendments to the city’s tobacco control ordinance given initial approval by the City Council. ... read more >>

PM urged to ban sale of tobacco products

Seventeen regional cancer centres in India have urged the Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh, to ban the sale of tobacco products like gutka and pan masala in the country. “India has the highest number of oral cancer cases in the world with 75,000 to 80,000 new cases being reported every year and chewing of tobacco and gutka contribute to 90 per cent of oral cancer in the country,” Mr Jaydip Biswas, Director, Chittaranjan National Cancer Institute (CNCI), said here. ... read more >>

Trademark rights to extinguish plain packaging bill?

The content of the government’s release on the draft plain packaging Bill offers few surprises. The government thinks stripping tobacco products of any branding will cut smoking rates as part of a basket of anti-tobacco measures, they’ve picked the colour (an allegedly offensive olive green), and the already garish health warnings are going to extend from just the lip to most of the front packet. ... read more >>

Grocery chain says San Francisco tobacco ban is illegal

National grocery store chain Safeway has filed a federal court lawsuit, contending that San Francisco’s ban on the sale of tobacco products in pharmacies and stores that contain pharmacies is unconstitutional. Safeway says the prohibition discriminates against retailers that have in-store pharmacies. ... read more >>

Marketing and Promotion of Tobacco Products

Tobacco companies spend about $15.3 billion on tobacco marketing and promotion. Because they are prohibited from advertising on television and radio, the tobacco companies market and promote their products in convenience stores, in magazines, especially those popular with youth, cheap online cigarettes store, and special promotions designed to lure the young into thinking that smoking is cool or a way to express their independence. ... read more >>

‘Cheeky buggers’: Big Tobacco aims to get smokers angry about taxes, bans

BIG Tobacco is trying to turn smokers into a political force with an under-the-radar campaign encouraging protests against high taxes and bans on smoking in public. The I Deserve to Be Heard campaign involves slipping small cards into cigarette packets directing smokers to a website headlined: “It’s time to tell the government you’ve had enough”. ... read more >>

Cigarette displays to be banned in English stores

LONDON — Britain’s Department of Health announced a ban on displaying cigarettes in stores around the country on Thursday, the nation’s annual “no smoking day.” The action relegates cigarettes to a product kept below the counter. The new law will be introduced gradually, according to a statement from the health agency. It says that in large stores and supermarkets, the visible display of cigarettes, cigars and tobacco products will be illegal from April 2012, while in smaller stores it goes into force in 2015, “except for temporary displays in certain limited circumstances.” ... read more >>

Law Enforcement Check Out Bars, Stores for Mardi Gras

Alcohol and Tobacco Control agents are taking proactive action as they gear up for Mardi Gras. In the days leading up to the festivities, agents are cracking down on restaurants, bars and convenience stores that sell alcohol and tobacco products. ... read more >>

Centre bans plastic packs for tobacco products

Bhubaneswar: The Union ministry of environment and forests on Monday notified the Plastic Waste (Management and Handling) Rules 2011, which bans the use of plastic materials in sachets for storing, packing or selling gutka, tobacco and pan masala. As a result, attractive plastic sachets of gutka and pan masala will no longer be available. ... read more >>