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High alcohol, cigarette taxes in Turkey promote smuggling, fraud

Smuggling and fraud involving alcoholic drinks and cigarettes is growing rapidly in Turkey, recent inspections by the country’s Revenues Administration have revealed. The number of cigarettes without a tax label has doubled in one year, hurting tax revenues, the official data gathered by the Anatolia news agency showed. ... read more >>

‘Mad Men’ smoking draws fines in Turkey

Two Turkish television stations were each fined $33,000 for airing shows such as the U.S.-produced “Mad Men” that feature smoking.The fines levied by the Supreme Board of Radio and Television were successfully challenged by channels E2, which airs “Mad Men” and TV8, which airs the popular French cartoon, “Tin Tin,” the Hurriyet newspaper reported Tuesday. ... read more >>

WHO to unveil new tobacco epidemic report in Turkey

The World Health Organization, or WHO, will make public this year’s report on Global Tobacco Epidemic at a meeting to be held in Turkey in December for its efforts to create a smoke-free environment and its successful implementation of smoking ban in enclosed areas. ... read more >>